Season Seven Episode Guide

Arrow (701) - Inmate 4587

Inmate 4587

Episode #: 701
Air Date: 10.15.18
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Oliver attempts to keep his head down among a cruel prison population, while his family lives in hiding five months after the disappearance of Ricardo Diaz. After a mysterious new Green Arrow starts taking out criminals on the streets, Rene and Dinah disagree over how to fight crime.
Arrow (702) - The Longbow Hunters

The Longbow Hunters

Episode #: 702
Air Date: 10.22.18
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Felicity allies herself with A.R.G.U.S. in an attempt to capture Diaz, and is dismayed when John's agenda does not align with her own. Inside Slabside Prison Oliver tries to forge an alliance, but is ordered to take out a guard in order to prove himself.
Arrow (703) - Crossing Lines

Crossing Lines

Episode #: 703
Air Date: 10.29.18
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Oliver faces the seemingly impossible task of finding the Dragon, a man inside the maximum security prison who may provide a lead on Diaz. Meanwhile a frustrated Felicity offers to help the F.B.I. lure the enemy into a trap, and Diggle and Lila go undercover to steal intel in Switzerland.
Arrow (704) - Level Two

Level Two

Episode #: 704
Air Date: 11.05.18
Our Rating:

While dealing with a string of arson Dinah and Rene disagree over whether to arrest the new Green Arrow, while Felicity turns to Laurel. Oliver is subjected to psychological and emotional challenges when he arrives at Level Two, and in the future Roy and Will return to Star City.
Arrow (705) - The Demon

The Demon

Episode #: 705
Air Date: 11.12.18
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Oliver arrives at Slabside's secret, off-books Level Two and discovers an old friend. Diggle convinces a reluctant Curtis to go on an undercover mission for A.R.G.U.S. in order to capture an international terrorist.
Arrow (706) - Due Process

Due Process

Episode #: 706
Air Date: 11.19.18
Our Rating:

Felicity asks Laurel for help with Oliver's case, while the return of Anatoly presents a new opportunity for cornering Diaz. Meanwhile everyone is a suspect after a Slabside guard is murdered, and in the future William and the others discover a secret Felicity has left behind.
Arrow (707) - The Slabside Redemption

The Slabside Redemption

Episode #: 707
Air Date: 11.26.18
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On the day of his impending release Oliver vows to right his wrongs made in prison. But when Diaz arrives at Slabside, he declares that he isn't finished with his plans to make Oliver suffer.
Arrow (708) - Unmasked


Episode #: 708
Air Date: 12.03.18
Our Rating:

Oliver discovers how much has changed after he is released from prison, and the new Green Arrow appears to be targeting a series of victims to take out. In the future, William and the others follow a lead to a young woman at a fight club.
Arrow (709) - Elseworlds, Part 2

Elseworlds, Part 2

Episode #: 709
Air Date: 12.10.18
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Oliver, Barry, and Kara head to Gotham City to search for the scientist who might be behind their reality-bending predicament, and find a Caped Crusader watching over the city in Batman's absence. Cisco and Caitlyn team up with Felicity and Curtis in Star City, which has fallen victim to a strangle lightning phenomenon.
Arrow (710) - My Name is Emiko Queen

My Name is Emiko Queen

Episode #: 710
Air Date: 01.21.19
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Oliver is ready to get back to work with the SCPD and to focus on his marriage with Felicity. However, when Dinah tasks Oliver with tracking the new Green Arrow things take a surprising turn. Meanwhile, Diggle and Lyla must answer to ARGUS about Diaz. (The CW)
Arrow (711) - Past Sins

Past Sins

Episode #: 711
Air Date: 01.28.19
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Oliver's past comes back to haunt him when a journalist is kidnapped after interviewing Oliver, and Laurel is unsettled by a face from her own past. Curtis is ordered to help A.R.G.U.S. prepare a new team for the Ghost Initiative, with Ricardo Diaz at the center.
Arrow (712) - Emerald Archer

Emerald Archer

Episode #: 712
Air Date: 02.04.19
Our Rating:

In the midst of filming a documentary about vigilantes to improve public relations, Oliver and his allies track a new threat called "Chimera." William returns home from boarding school, and Emiko is seriously wounded.
Arrow (713) - Star City Slayer

Star City Slayer

Episode #: 713
Air Date: 02.11.19
Our Rating:

While Oliver and Felicity deal with a family crisis involving William, the rest of the old team receive menacing notes from a serial killer. Travis considers his career options, and in the future William and the others find themselves captive of Blackstar.
Arrow (714) - Brothers & Sisters

Brothers & Sisters

Episode #: 714
Air Date: 03.04.19
Our Rating:

when Felicity learns that A.R.G.U.S. has placed Diaz on the Ghost Initiative team to flush out Dante, she plots with Laurel to take him out. Oliver tries to help Emiko in her quest, and in the future the children of Team Arrow decide to work together to find Felicity.
Arrow (715) - Training Day

Training Day

Episode #: 715
Air Date: 03.11.19
Our Rating:

Team Arrow goes legit when they join with the Star City Police Department, though they struggle to be effective in the field while playing by the rules. Laurel does a favor for Ben Turner inside Slabside, and in the future William and Mia search out a way to play Felicity's message.
Arrow (716) - Star City 2040

Star City 2040

Episode #: 716
Air Date: 03.18.19
Our Rating:

Mia remembers her path from childhood to prize fighter, as she and William venture into the Glades on a mission to find Felicity -- where they must infiltrate a tech company suspected of operating as a criminal front.
Arrow (717) - Inheritance


Episode #: 717
Air Date: 03.25.19
Our Rating:

Laurel provides Oliver with information connecting Emiko to the criminal mastermind Dante, who is collecting the components for a major attack. Meanwhile, Dinah pushes Laurel to operate within the law.
Arrow (718) - Lost Canary

Lost Canary

Episode #: 718
Air Date: 04.15.19
Our Rating:

When Laurel finds herself the prime suspect for murder she returns to the criminal underground, prompting Felicity to call in an old friend to bring her back. In the future, Zoe and Mia tangle with an opponent who is targeting the Canary network.
Arrow (719) - Spartan


Episode #: 719
Air Date: 04.22.19
Our Rating:

After they are dealt a setback by the Ninth Circle Team Arrow turns to the Defense Intelligence Agency and its head, General Stewart -- who has unresolved history with John. In the future Mia and Connor dig up some family history of their own to help Felicity hack Galaxy One's helmet.
Arrow (720) - Confessions


Episode #: 720
Air Date: 04.29.19
Our Rating:

After a mission to save the city from an attack by the Ninth Circle goes horribly wrong, the members of Team Arrow are questioned by the S.C.P.D. over their involvement in the deaths of two city workers.
Arrow (721) - Living Proof

Living Proof

Episode #: 721
Air Date: 05.06.19
Our Rating:

Oliver and the team find themselves in a precarious position after a building collapse. But in order to help her friends, Felicity must go rogue when the S.C.P.D. shows up with a warrant for her arrest. In the future, William clashes with Felicity about their history.
Arrow (722) - You Have Saved This City

You Have Saved This City

Episode #: 722
Air Date: 05.13.19
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Team Arrow is on the run from the law in the midst of Emiko's attack on the city, as Oliver still hopes to turn his sister around. In the future the team puts everything on the line to try and shut down Archer before Galaxy One marches its forces on Star City.