Season One Episode Guide


Episode #: 101
Air Date: 10.10.12
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Billionaire playboy Oliver Queen returns home to Starling City after being marooned on an island for five years and presumed dead, attempting to reconnect with those closest to him -- and creating a vigilante personae to right the wrongs of his family.

Honor Thy Father

Episode #: 102
Air Date: 10.17.12
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After Oliver gives an ultimatum to a powerful criminal he finds himself squaring off against ruthless mercenary China White. Oliver bristles when his mother asks him to take on a leadership role in his father's company.

Lone Gunmen

Episode #: 103
Air Date: 10.24.12
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Oliver goes up against a skilled sniper codenamed Deadshot after one of Arrow's targets is shot right in front of him. Moira tries to be a better parent to Thea, and Oliver learns of his friend's relationship with Laurel.

An Innocent Man

Episode #: 104
Air Date: 10.31.12
Our Rating:

Oliver suspects that a man about to be executed for the murder of his wife has been framed, and turns to Laurel to help prove the man innocent. Meanwhile, Oliver tries to convince Diggle to join his quest.


Episode #: 105
Air Date: 11.07.12
Our Rating:

Oliver asks Laurel to defend him when he is arrested by Detective Lance, who is convinced he is the hooded vigilante. Meanwhile, he recalls when he first fell into the hands of a military force on the island.


Episode #: 106
Air Date: 11.14.12
Our Rating:

After a group of brazen bank robbers set their sights on Starling City, Diggle prompts Oliver to expand the scope of his mission -- which is not so easy after Oliver learns his family owes the criminals a debt.

Muse of Fire

Episode #: 107
Air Date: 11.28.12
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Oliver witnesses an attack on the street that puts his mother in harm's way, leading him to infiltrate the mob to put a stop to the hits. Meanwhile, Oliver makes a connection with the daughter of the mob boss -- unaware of her connection to the attack.


Episode #: 108
Air Date: 12.05.12
Our Rating:

Oliver and Helena attempt to make their personal and professional lives work together, despite Diggle's concerns that she cannot be trusted. Meanwhile, new intel on his wife's secret dealings stirs Walter's suspicions.


Episode #: 110
Air Date: 01.16.13
Our Rating:

While Oliver suffers a loss of confidence after a defeat at the hands of a dangerous enemy, Laurel calls on the hooded vigilante to help investigate the suspicious death of a firefighter.

Year's End

Episode #: 109
Air Date: 12.12.12
Our Rating:

As Oliver tries to bring Christmas back to his family a skilled archer begins assassinating people from his list, suggesting that he may know more about his father's dealings than Oliver himself does.

Trust But Verify

Episode #: 111
Air Date: 01.23.13
Our Rating:

Oliver's list leads him to a man who was once Diggle's commanding officer, but who is now suspected of involvement in a series of armored truck robberies. Meanwhile, Tommy's father tries to reconnect with him and Laurel, and Thea has questions about her mother's past.


Episode #: 112
Air Date: 01.30.13

Thea is arrested when she is caught with a drug called Vertigo and could face time in prison. Oliver tries to help by searching for the dealer; and Laurel agrees to defend Thea in court. Meanwhile, Felicity tells Oliver some disturbing news about Moira. (TV Guide)


Episode #: 113
Air Date: 02.06.13
Our Rating:

When a vicious criminal is released from prison, he targets the Hood as a first step in seizing control of the criminal underworld. Oliver objects to Diggle's plan to follow his mother, and Detective Lance uses his daughter to get at the vigilante.

The Odyssey

Episode #: 114
Air Date: 02.13.13
Our Rating:

Oliver must rely on his friends after he is shot, and recalls a daring attempt to escape the island with Slade Wilson.


Episode #: 115
Air Date: 02.20.13
Our Rating:

Starling City is hit by a ruthless jewel thief who threatens innocent people to do his dirty work. Oliver and Diggle dare each other to ask out their respective crushes, and Laurel and Thea track a pickpocket.

Dead to Rights

Episode #: 116
Air Date: 02.27.13
Our Rating:

Oliver learns that a guild of assassins has targeted a high-profile person in Starling City, and seeks to discover the identity of their quarry. Meanwhile, Tommy struggles with his father's desire to repair their relationship.

The Huntress Returns

Episode #: 117
Air Date: 03.20.13
Our Rating:

Helena Bertinelli returns to Starling City and asks for Oliver's help exacting her revenge against her father -- threatening those close to him after he refuses. Laurel and her father are conflicted by the reappearance of her mother, who has a shocking claim about her sister.


Episode #: 118
Air Date: 03.27.13
Our Rating:

After a slumlord is kidnapped, Oliver must find a man who is murdering those he believes have failed the people of the poor neighborhood -- and broadcasting it on their Internet. Meanwhile, Thea debates whether to continue her relationship with Roy, Malcolm draws closer to Moira's secret, and the Lances search for their missing child.

Unfinished Business

Episode #: 119
Air Date: 04.03.13
Our Rating:

The death of a woman leaving Oliver's club on Vertigo demonstrates a more potent and addictive form of the drug, which Oliver fears will tear the city apart. Diggle asks an old friend to go after Deadshot, and Detective Lance sets his sights on Tommy and the club.

Home Invasion

Episode #: 120
Air Date: 04.24.13
Our Rating:

When Deadshot returns to the city Oliver must decide whether to prioritize the assassin who murdered Diggle's brother, or the criminal who is targeting the life of an innocent young eye witness. Meanwhile Roy tries to find the Hood, and Tommy makes a decision about his relationship with Laurel.

The Undertaking

Episode #: 121
Air Date: 05.01.13
Our Rating:

Felicity goes undercover into an illegal casino in the hopes of finding a lead on Walter. Meanwhile, Laurel learns the truth about Tommy's decision, and in the past Malcolm reveals his long-term plan for the Glades to Robert Queen.

Darkness on the Edge of Town

Episode #: 122
Air Date: 05.08.13
Our Rating:

As the Undertaking nears, the Dark Archer massacres a lab full of Malcolm Merlyn's employees to cover his tracks. Roy searches for the Hood, and Oliver remembers his attempts to prevent Fyers from shooting down a commercial airliner on the island.


Episode #: 123
Air Date: 05.15.13
Our Rating:

Oliver determines to confront Malcolm before he can enact the Undertaking, further straining his relationship with Tommy and Moira. Thea risks her life to get Roy out of the Glades, and the Vigilante calls on Detective Lance to help save the city.