Season Eight Episode Guide

Arrow (801) - Starling City

Starling City

Episode #: 801
Air Date: 10.15.2019
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Rescued from Lian Yu, Oliver makes his return to Starling City on a parallel Earth -- where events have played out very differently without him. While Oliver seeks to accomplish a mission from The Monitor, in 2040 Mia and William's team goes up against the new Deathstroke Gang.
Arrow (802) - Welcome to Hong Kong

Welcome to Hong Kong

Episode #: 802
Air Date: 10.22.2019
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Oliver, John, and Laurel are redirected by the Monitor to find a biophysicist in Hong Kong. In the future the team attempts to intercept J.J. and the Deathstroke Gang, and Connor has a heart-to-heart with his brother.
Arrow (803) - Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

Episode #: 803
Air Date: 10.29.2019
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Oliver is reunited with Thea when he travels to Nanda Parbat to try and learn more about the Monitor, putting him in the middle of a feud between former League of Assassins members. John and Lyla partner on a special ops mission.
Arrow (804) - Present Tense

Present Tense

Episode #: 804
Air Date: 11.05.2019
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Team Arrow tries to cope with the sudden arrival of their own children from the future. When the Deathstroke Gang also makes a surprise appearance in a bombing, Mia and her team take it upon themselves to stop their future foe.


Episode #: 805
Air Date: 11.19.2019

Upon learning the key to oppose The Monitor, Oliver and team return to Russia on a mission to gather the necessary materials. Connor reunites with a figure from his past. (The CW)


Episode #: 806
Air Date: 11.26.2019

After being double-crossed by Lyla, Oliver finds himself facing a life or death situation that seems very familiar. Laurel has the opportunity to make amends with the past. (The CW)


Episode #: 807
Air Date: 12.03.2019

Oliver's mission takes him to Lian Yu where he tries to ignore the repercussions of the looming Crisis until he receives help from an old friend. Meanwhile, a united Team Arrow faces a recognizable villain. (The CW)