Cast of Characters

Played By: Kiefer Sutherland

A widower and single father, Martin Bohm’s life changed the day that he realized his mute son Jake could see patterns in the world around him. Desperate to make a connection with his son, Martin follows the numbers to find the people he believes he is supposed to meet.

Played By: David Mazouz

An incredibly gifted young boy, Jake has the ability to see patterns in the world around him that no one else sees, connections between people who lives are destined to touch. He is also mute: in his 11 years, Jake has never said a single word.

Played By: Gugu Mbatha-Raw

A New York City social worker, Clea supervised Jake at the board-and-care institution. She has witnessed his incredible ability first-hand, and does all that she can to help him and his father while they are in New York.

Played By: Danny Glover

A slightly eccentric man, before his death Arthur was an expert on children who possess special gifts when it comes to numbers. He was a university professor and once worked with Amelia Robbins, maintaining the Teller Institute from his Bronx home.

Played By: Maria Bello

Mother to Amelia, another gifted child, Lucy has been frantically searching for her daughter since Astor Corps took her. She joins forces with Martin and Jake to pursue their common goals.

Played By: Saxon Sharbino

Dr. Teller’s mysterious patient, Amelia is another child like Jake who can see the connections between everyone and everything. Martin discovers that Astor Corps faked Amelia’s death, and that finding her may be the key to everything.

Played By: Lukas Haas

A real genius, Norburg is employed by Astor Corps.

Played By: Said Taghmaoui

Formerly a Jesuit priest, Ortiz has become a ruthless killer.

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