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Falling Skies (406) - Door Number Three

Season Four

The 2nd Mass is divided by the enemy after the Volm largely abandon the planet, and Tom and Anne's daughter leads a peaceful new colony -- and holds a disturbing secret.

Falling Skies (306) - Be Silent And Come Out

Season Three

The enemy has been dealt a blow and a new species arrives on Earth -- but are they friend or foe? Tom and the others must deal with not only the two alien species, but a mole in their midst ... and Tom and Anne's unusual new child.

Falling Skies (Season 2) - Skitter

Season Two

As the fight against the alien invasion continues, Tom has a close encounter with the enemy and the 2nd Mass discovers a potential ally in the most unlikely of places.

Falling Skies

Season One

In the wake of an alien invasion of Earth, a group of survivors band together to form a resistance movement to fight their attackers -- and try to keep their families alive.

Falling Skies (104) - Grace


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Show Status

IN PRODUCTION. Falling Skies has been renewed for a fifth and final season, to premiere Sunday, June 28 (10/9c) on TNT.

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