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Warehouse 13 (102)

Season One

Two Secret Service agents are recruited to a top secret warehouse in South Dakota, tracking down and storing dangerous, supernatural artifacts.

Warehouse 13 (211) - Buried

Season Two

Pete and Myka's adventures continue as they hunt artifacts and keep the world safe.

Warehouse 13 (301) - The New Guy

Season Three

Pete and the Warehouse team try and move on after Myka's shocking departure, and welcome newcomer Steve Jinks to the team.

Warehouse 13 (Season 4)

Season Four

Artie uses a powerful artifact to avoid a catastrophe for the Warehouse and his friends, and must face its dark consequences.

Warehouse 13 (Season 5)

Season Five

The Warehouse team is up against the powerful Paracelsus, who has taken control of the Warehouse.

Warehouse 13 (Video)


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Show Status

CONCLUDED. Syfy Channel cancelled Warehouse 13 after five seasons.