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  1. Lisa
    Lisa October 10, 2013 at 9:46 pm |

    I just watched OUAT in Wonderland and was extremely disappointed. I was looking for the action that the original OUAT has and got it at the beginning. However, as the story progressed tonight it flat lined and got really clich√©. The could have started it further back to wheel us in and remind the audience why we love this story. It definitely wasn’t about her true love!!! OR if that’s what they were going for they could have really made Alice insane and took a more gritty approach. Alice and Wonderland had a wonderful underlying meaning but it seems like they will keep it surface. I will give it one more shot next week to see if it picks up but I might have to cancel it off my DVR. The only bright side to watching this was having my TV already on ABC for Scandal.