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  1. Gracielly
    Gracielly December 8, 2015 at 6:20 pm |

    Get with the times! . The shows producers have an obtigalion to develop the brand in a way that it can grow. I love SG-1 and SGA as much as any other fan but continuing down the path they have been on for years with the same formula will get them nothing. Recycling the same episode structure of Problem-conflict-resolution with the occasional 2 part episode of a cliff hanger is why there is no longer a Star Trek series on television. It’s too predictable and the viewer doesn’t care if the miss an episode because nothing of any consequence had happened. It’s why Lost was so good and why Heros went from awesome to garbage. Bottom line: things can’t stay the same forever. I am happy the show deals with real life situations sex and same sex relationships if you are not then you can live in your bubble of happy endings and recycled plot lines.