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  1. ictus75
    ictus75 January 1, 2014 at 11:34 am |

    I’m with you on Defiance. I watched every episode, but wish there was more depth to it. I would rate it ‘Meh, with promise.’ I hope next season gets grittier.

    Yes, Continuum was a series that got grittier and developed things. I’m looking forward to season 3, whenever SyFy decides to show it.

    Fallen Skies…I was a bit disappointed with season 3. If anything, they need to amp up the scifi and the aliens. Put the 2nd Mass back on the road, where they were more interesting and vulnerable. Sitting in an underground city, watching things happen ‘out there,’ was boring. Bring back the Fish Heads. More Mechs. More Skitters. More excitement!

    Also, I’m sad to see Primeval: New World go after 1 season. While it was a slow starter, the 2nd half of the season really developed and picked up speed. The cast also came together and had some quality moments. I would’ve liked to have seen a 2nd season.