Season Two Episode Guide

Second Chances

Episode #: 201
Canada Air Date: 04.21.13
Our Rating:

Kiera reunites with Carlos in the wake of a political assassination in the city, but decides she's better off working outside the law. Meanwhile, Sonya faces a complication in her bid to take control of Liber8, and Alec starts a new life on his own.

Split Second

Episode #: 202
Canada Air Date: 04.28.13
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Kiera and Carlos escort Travis in a prisoner transport, knowing the likelihood that Liber8 will try and spring him. Meanwhile Sonya has other plans for Travis, and Kellog invites Alec to join him in a new venture.

Second Thoughts

Episode #: 203
Canada Air Date: 05.05.13
Our Rating:

Sonya and Travis compete to consolidate their power among the local gangs, and Jason brings Kiera a warning. Meanwhile, Alec debates whether or not to use a dangerous new street drug that heightens memory.

Second Skin

Episode #: 204
Canada Air Date: 05.12.13
Our Rating:

Kiera tracks another time traveler and discovers her former partner from the future. Meanwhile, the woman's CPS suit falls into the hands of an ordinary man, drawing the attention of Liber8.

Second Opinion

Episode #: 205
Canada Air Date: 05.26.13
Our Rating:

While a departmental mole hunt puts Kiera in the cross-hairs, emotional memories of her son trigger a holographic psych protocol in Kiera's CMR. Meanwhile, Kellogg offers Alec everything he wants in their new business venture.

Second Truths

Episode #: 206
Canada Air Date: 06.02.13
Our Rating:

Carlos and Kiera hunt for a serial killer -- a case she knows is left unsolved in her future, leading her to methods and insights that Carlos finds hard to believe. Meanwhile, Alec looks for a way to get closer to his new friend.

Second Degree

Episode #: 207
Canada Air Date: 06.09.13
Our Rating:

Julian's day in court arrives, but Kiera suspects that Liber8 may have threatened one of the jurors. Meanwhile, Alec is put in a difficult position by his mother's testimony.

Second Listen

Episode #: 208
Canada Air Date: 06.16.13
Our Rating:

Kiera and Gardiner join forces to track someone who is stealing the bodies of deceased time travelers. Alec grows suspicious of someone close to him, only to be taken captive by Garza -- on orders from his future self.


Episode #: 209
Canada Air Date: 06.30.13
Our Rating:

Julian becomes a target after he is released from prison, learning that the young followers of Liber8 have come to view him as the leader of their revolution. Dillon returns to the station with a new mandate, and Kiera debates what to do with a future mass murderer.

Second Wave

Episode #: 210
Canada Air Date: 07.14.13
Our Rating:

While running from men working for the shadowy Section Six, Kiera hides amongst Julian's new followers. After one of Liber8 is captured Alec finds a way to track Travis, and Emily expresses doubts to her handler.

Second Guess

Episode #: 211
Canada Air Date: 07.21.13
Our Rating:

A Liber8 cyber attack exposes everyone's private e-mails and throws Vancouver into chaos, on the eve of the mayoral election. Lucas continues to have hallucinations of Kagame, and Kellogg learns that he has competition in Escher.

Second Last

Episode #: 212
Canada Air Date: 07.28.13
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Emily and Alec find themselves on the run from the deadly Freelancers, while Kiera considers what returning home might cost her. Meanwhile, Travis tries to get his hands on a CPS suit, and Carlos protects his partner when an agent turns up dead.

Second Time

Episode #: 213
Canada Air Date: 08.04.13
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Alec makes a discovery when he goes to confront Escher, while Liber8 comes to see the mysterious man as a terminal threat to their plans. Now closer than ever to a way home, Kiera is arrested in connection with the murder of a fellow agent.