Season Three Episode Guide

Minute By Minute

Episode #: 301
Canada Air Date: 03.16.14
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After the mysterious "Freelancers" ask for her help in restoring the timeline, Kiera finds an unexpected ally in a bid to escape. Meanwhile, Alec arrives one week in the past in an attempt to save Emily's life.

Minute Man

Episode #: 302
Canada Air Date: 03.23.14
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Alec must avoid his other self while helping Kiera discover who killed her. A reunited Liber8 kidnaps the mayor elect, and Kellogg tries to force an alliance with Emily.

Minute To Win It

Episode #: 303
Canada Air Date: 03.30.14
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Kiera and Carlos investigate a string of bank heists that may be connected to Liber8, in which the perpetrators may be remotely controlled. Meanwhile, Alec struggles to come to terms with both Emily's betrayal and his new inheritance from his father.

Minute Changes

Episode #: 304
Canada Air Date: 04.06.14
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After a Liber8 protest on a college campus goes horribly wrong, Kiera is caught between her mission and the need to defend the innocent. Carlos' investigation leads to a mole inside the department, and Alec finds himself sidelined by the execs at his new company.

30 Minutes To Air

Episode #: 305
Canada Air Date: 04.13.14
Our Rating:

Inspector Dillon considers his professional responsibilities when his daughter is arrested, only to find himself a prisoner when Travis takes control of a TV news studio. Meanwhile, Alec uses his newfound position to give Kellog his walking papers.

Wasted Minute

Episode #: 306
Canada Air Date: 04.27.14
Our Rating:

After Liber8 infiltrates a chemical plant Kiera suspects they are planning a deadly chemical attack on the city. Meanwhile she is pushed by the Freelancers to remove Alec from the new timeline, one of whom plans to move against the other.

Waning Minutes

Episode #: 307
Air Date: 05.04.14
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In the future, Kiera crash lands her CPS flyer in a desolate terrain while transporting a prisoner and soon finds herself taken in by a community of farmers -- unaware they are harboring a high-profile criminal.

So Do Our Minutes Hasten

Episode #: 308
Canada Air Date: 05.11.14
Our Rating:

Kiera and Dillon team up to investigate a corporation that may have used Liber8 as a patsy for a chemical attack. Meanwhile, Julian joins up with a broadcast news outfit to shine a spotlight on corporate activities, and Kellog finds a way back into Alec's work at Piron.

Minute of Silence

Episode #: 309
Canada Air Date: 05.25.14
Our Rating:

Kiera finds herself charged with the care of an amnesiac who can remember nothing but her name. Meanwhile Kiera and Carlos search for a gang of high-tech thieves who have stolen advanced camouflage technology, and Alec faces mounting problems in completing his Halo system.

Revolutions Per Minute

Episode #: 310
Canada Air Date: 06.01.14
Our Rating:

Kiera suspects that Liber8 is going to target a pharmaceutical company on the verge of a major breakthrough. Julian considers who to align himself with, and Kiera's house guest discovers a new lead on his identity.

3 Minutes To Midnight

Episode #: 311
Canada Air Date: 06.08.14
Our Rating:

Kiera and Carlos investigate Alec's Halo device when it becomes evident that it is causing Jason's erratic behavior, leading them to a cover-up that involves the Police Department. Meanwhile Kiera's new friend continues to regain memories of his identity, leading them to a confrontation with Liber8.

The Dying Minutes

Episode #: 312
Canada Air Date: 06.15.14
Our Rating:

Kiera and Brad go on the offensive against the Freelancers in order to rescue Alec. Carlos confronts Dillon about his relationship with Piron, and Sonya attempts to sabotage the Halo technology.

Last Minute

Episode #: 313
Canada Air Date: 06.22.14
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To stop a power-hungry Alec, Kiera and Brad join forces with Liber8 on the eve of the Halo roll-out. The two Alecs come face-to-face in a brawl that will determine both their fates.