Season One Episode Guide

A Stitch In Time

Episode #: 101
Canada Air Date: 05.27.12
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When a group of convicted terrorists hatch a plot to escape execution and travel more than 60 years into the past, CPS Protector Kiera Cameron is pulled back with them. Stranded in 2012, Kiera must put together the pieces of a new life while looking for a way home.

Fast Times

Episode #: 102
Canada Air Date: 06.03.12
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Kiera tries to maintain her cover after she is taken into police custody. Meanwhile, a group of Liber8 criminals attempt to find a power source capable of sending them to the year 2071, and Kiera considers going with them.

Wasting Time

Episode #: 103
Canada Air Date: 06.10.12
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With the health of Liber8 leader Travis failing, the group targets victims to extract their endocrine fluid in order to prolong his life. Worried that the group's less stable elements will seize control, Kellog approaches Kiera with a proposal.

Matter of Time

Episode #: 104
Canada Air Date: 06.17.12
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The murder of a scientist working on a cutting-edge clean energy source leads Kiera and Carlos to a multi-billion dollar feud. When Edouard Kagame resurfaces, Kiera fears he will resume his original plan for Liber8.

A Test of Time

Episode #: 105
Canada Air Date: 06.24.12
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Kagame plans to test his people's vulnerability to changes in the timeline by targeting Kiera's grandmother, forcing her to protect all women who share her name.

Time's Up

Episode #: 106
Canada Air Date: 07.01.12
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To win the hearts of the public Liber8 orchestrate the abduction of the CEO of a major international corporation, using a group of small-time anarchists as cover. Meanwhile, Alec discovers that his step-brother Julian was involved in the riot.

The Politics of Time

Episode #: 107
Canada Air Date: 07.15.12
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Carlos is implicated after his friend, an investigative reporter, turns up dead on the eve of publishing a major exposé on corruption in the Union Election. Alec attempts to repair Kiera's suit, and Kiera discovers that an important item has gone missing.


Episode #: 108
Canada Air Date: 07.22.12
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A pair of murder-suicides leads Kiera and Carlos to a high-tech video game company developing immersive VR technology that may have deadly side effects. Kellog tracks down a former Liber8 colleague to acquire intel for Kiera.

Family Time

Episode #: 109
Canada Air Date: 07.29.12
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A low-key investigation at Alec's family farm explodes into a tense stand-off after Julian's friends arrive on a mission, taking Kiera and Carlos hostage.


Episode #: 110
Canada Air Date: 08.05.12
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On the eve of a devastating terrorist attack Kiera encounters a homeless man who claims to be from the future. Julian joins up with Kagame, and a federal investigator threatens to expose Kiera's cover.