Season Five Episode Guide

Fear the Walking Dead (501) - Here to Help

Here to Help

Episode #: 501
Air Date: 06.02.19
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The group find themselves in a crisis situation after crashing a plane and drawing dozens of walkers, along with a group of kids who are suspicious of anyone offering help to strangers.
Fear the Walking Dead (502) - The Hurt That Will Happen

The Hurt That Will Happen

Episode #: 502
Air Date: 06.09.19
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Morgan and Alicia search for their missing friend, leading them to a survivor who tells them that the danger they face here is far more grave than they knew. Meanwhile Strand makes an appeal for help from an old friend.
Fear the Walking Dead (503) - Humbug's Gulch

Humbug's Gulch

Episode #: 503
Air Date: 06.16.19
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As the group maps a perimeter in search of Al's captors, June and Dorie are forced to seek shelter at an abandoned attraction modeled after the Old West. Alicia and Luciana get a lead on the kids, which might lead them only deeper into trouble.
Fear the Walking Dead (504) - Skidmark


Episode #: 504
Air Date: 06.23.19
Our Rating:

Daniel Salazar's simple life is interrupted when Strand, Sarah, and Wendell try to take his plane. While Daniel finds himself on a supply run with an uninvited passenger, Dylan leads the others into a trap.
Fear the Walking Dead (505) - The End of Everything

The End of Everything

Episode #: 505
Air Date: 06.30.19
Our Rating:

After chasing a story Althea finds herself held captive by a mysterious woman with a helicopter – and an uncompromising mission of her own.
Fear the Walking Dead (506) - The Little Prince

The Little Prince

Episode #: 506
Air Date: 07.07.19
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Morgan's group attempts to repair a wrecked plane at the truck stop, while Annie considers whether to take the other children back out on their own. John helps Dwight in his search for his wife, and Morgan responds to a call for help when Grace reports that the plant is nearing a meltdown.
Fear the Walking Dead (507) - Still Standing

Still Standing

Episode #: 507
Air Date: 07.14.19
Our Rating:

While Grace struggles to keep the generator alive Alicia puts everything on the line to bring the kids back from their camp. Al confides in June, and Dwight learns the truth from John.
Fear the Walking Dead (508) - Is Anybody Out There?

Is Anybody Out There?

Episode #: 508
Air Date: 07.21.19
Our Rating:

With the reactor entering meltdown Alicia faces an uncertain future, as she, Morgan, and Grace attempt to elude a herd of walkers. Elsewhere Sarah tries to arrange for a workable runway for her friends, and John and Dwight look for a way home before time runs out.
Fear the Walking Dead (509) - Channel 4

Channel 4

Episode #: 509
Air Date: 08.11.19
Our Rating:

Al and the others use video cameras to document the group's efforts to bring help to those who need it. After discovering a woman and her son inside a house surrounded by landmines, the group goes to great lengths to try and help them.
The 100 (510) - 210 Words Per Minute

210 Words Per Minute

Episode #: 510
Air Date: 08.18.19
Our Rating:

After receiving a call for help Morgan and Grace search an abandoned shopping mall, where Grace hopes the urgent care clinic will tell her once and for all if she has cancer. Dwight puts himself in harm's way to get close to one of Logan's men.
Fear the Walking Dead (511) - You're Still Here

You're Still Here

Episode #: 511
Air Date: 08.25.19
Our Rating:

Alicia and Strand make a new acquaintance while searching for the person who is painting trees with words of optimism. Morgan and Al run afoul of Logan's crew when they try to rescue their friends.
Fear the Walking Dead (512) - Ner Tamid

Ner Tamid

Episode #: 512
Air Date: 09.01.19
Our Rating:

Charlie goes missing from the camp and turns up at a Jewish synagogue, where she meets a rabbi who has been surviving on his own. When John and June go looking for her, things get complicated when Logan's forces show up at the camp site.
Fear the Walking Dead (513) - Leave What You Don't

Leave What You Don't

Episode #: 513
Air Date: 09.08.19
Our Rating:

Logan and his crew show up at the oil refinery, forcing a stand-off with the others over control of the precious resource – and revealing the history that is now motivating Logan.
Fear the Walking Dead (514) - Today and Tomorrow

Today and Tomorrow

Episode #: 514
Air Date: 09.15.19
Our Rating:

Morgan and Al encounter a survivor whose community has been taken over by a band of men on horseback, sending them on a questionable mission inside the compound. Grace and Daniel make a connection on the road.
Fear the Walking Dead (515) - Channel 5

Channel 5

Episode #: 515
Air Date: 09.22.19
Our Rating:

The group sets out to prove Virginia wrong by leading dozens of survivors to a place where they hope to build a new community. Virginia uses her own documentary video to lure newcomers to her side, and Grace's condition deteriorates.
Fear the Walking Dead (516) - End of the Line

End of the Line

Episode #: 516
Air Date: 09.29.19
Our Rating:

With Virginia on her way the group seeks to lead a herd of walkers away from their new home – setting up what will be either a deadly confrontation or a tenuous new alliance.