Season Eight Episode Guide

Fear the Walking Dead (801) - Remember What They Took From You

Remember What They Took from You

Episode #: 801
Air Date: 05.14.2023

After going undercover at PADRE, Morgan and Madison find themselves back at odds trying to do what's best for Mo while struggling to accept their new lives under the watchful eye of PADRE. (TV Guide)

Blue Jay

Episode #: 802
Air Date: 05.21.2023

After fleeing PADRE, June's safety and solitude are threatened by an unwelcome reunion with Dwight and Sherry and a desperate father's search for his missing daughter. (TV Guide)


Episode #: 803
Air Date: 05.28.2023

Mo's hunt to prove PADRE's true intentions has her in over her head as she's drawn into the larger web of secrets and subterfuge of the adults who care for her. (TV Guide)

King County

Episode #: 804
Air Date: 06.04.2023

Morgan returns to King County, but things quickly get complicated. (TV Guide)

More Time Than You Know

Episode #: 805
Air Date: 06.11.2023

Our heroes fight the clock and PADRE's forces. (TV Guide)

All I See Is Red

Episode #: 806
Air Date: 06.18.2023

Morgan fights his past as he is on a chase through the swamps. (TV Guide)


Episode #: 807
Air Date: 10.22.2023

Strand fights to maintain the peace of his new life after the sudden arrival of an old friend threatens it with ghosts of the past. (TV Guide)

Iron Tiger

Episode #: 808
Air Date: 10.29.2023

The search for fuel to replenish PADRE's dwindling supply leads the survivors to a reunion that gives Madison an unexpected opportunity for revenge and reconciliation. (AMC)


Episode #: 809
Air Date: 11.05.2023

Dwight and Sherry confront the demons of their past to secure a better future for themselves. (AMC)

Keeping Her Alive

Episode #: 810
Air Date: 11.12.2023

Madison makes a discovery that could lead her to the answers she seeks. (AMC)

Fighting Like You

Episode #: 811
Air Date: 11.19.2023

The Road Ahead

Episode #: 812
Air Date: 11.19.2023