Season Six

Grodd Friended Me

The Flash (613) - Grodd Friended Me
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Barry is drawn into a mental prison, where his former foe Grodd is seeking his help. Eva shows Iris why she believes they cannot escape from the Mirrorverse, and Allegra learns about Nash's special interest in her.
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Feeling overwhelmed with all the changes since Crisis, Barry (Grant Gustin) conducts an experiment that goes awry and puts him directly in Gorilla Grodd's (voiced by David Sobolov) path. Expecting the worst, Barry is surprised when Grodd asks for his help. Unfortunately for both The Flash and Grodd, things get worse when another villain appears - Solovar (voiced by Keith David). Meanwhile, Iris (Candice Patton) works with Eva (guest star Efrat Dor) to escape the Mirrorverse.

Stefan Pleszczynski directed the episode written by Kristen Kim & Joshua V. Gilbert (#613).