Season One

The Sin Eater

Story By: Aaron Rahsaan Thomas Teleplay By: Alex Kurtzman & Mark Goffman
Directed By:
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After Ichabod is abducted Abbie receives a vision with a warning from Katrina, sending her to find a man capable of severing Crane’s blood tie to the Headless Horseman. Meanwhile, Ichabod is forced to recall the part he played in the death of an innocent man while serving the British crown.

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News & Spoilers

  • "After a hilarious trip to a local baseball game, Ichabod's day takes a turn for the worse when he's abducted. Katrina then makes a surprising visit to Abbie, warning that the Headless Horseman is returning to Sleepy Hollow that night and only Ichabod can stop him. 

    "Katrina also dropped the game-changing revelation that she's found a way to reverse the spell she put on her husband, which bound his life to the Horseman's: Ichabod simply has to be sanctified by a Sin-Eater (to be played by recurring guest-star John Noble). While that sounds all fine and dandy, we have a feeling getting sanctified will be harder than it sounds." (TV Guide)

  • John Noble guest stars in this episode as Henry Parrish, the "sin eater."
  • Actress Lyndie Greenwood returns in this episode as Jenny Mills, Abbie's sister.
  • From FOX:


    When Ichabod Crane goes missing, his wife, Katrina, appears to Lt. Abbie Mills in a vision warning her that the Headless Horseman will return to Sleepy Hollow by nightfall. A frantic Abbie seeks help from the mysterious Henry Parrish (guest star John Noble), who holds vital clues about how Crane can vanquish his dangerous blood tie to Headless. Meanwhile, an encounter from Crane's past weighs heavily on him, and details about his first encounter with Katrina are revealed.

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