Season Three Episode Guide

The Heart of the Truest Believer

Episode #: 301
Air Date: 09.29.13
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Emma and the others embark on a voyage to Neverland on a quest to rescue Henry from the infamous Peter Pan, and encounter a group of mermaids and a massive storm. Meanwhile, Henry is on the run from the Lost Boys, and Neal awakens in the Enchanted Forest.

Lost Girl

Episode #: 302
Air Date: 10.06.13
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Emma must come to understand her true identity to make use of a map presented to her by Peter Pan himself. Rumpelstiltskin encounters a surprising face in the woods, and in the past the Evil Queen offers Snow White terms of a truce.

Quite A Common Fairy

Episode #: 303
Air Date: 10.13.13
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Hook suggests tracking down Tinker Bell to help the group find Peter Pan's hideout, unaware that Regina has history with the fairy. Meanwhile, Neal may have found a way to return to Neverland.

Nasty Habits

Episode #: 304
Air Date: 10.20.13
Our Rating:

Determined to take on Pan directly, Rumpelstiltskin teams up with his son -- who once lived in Neverland as one of the Lost Boys. But when he learns of his father's secret agenda, Neal takes matters into his own hands.

Good Form

Episode #: 305
Air Date: 10.27.13
Our Rating:

Hook takes an ailing David on a quest to locate a device that could help them leave Neverland. And in the past, Hook and his brother set sail to an uncharted land to find a powerful healing plant.


Episode #: 306
Air Date: 11.03.13
Our Rating:

When a mermaid saves Snow White from drowning in the ocean's depths, Snow returns the favor by introducing her new friend to a prince with whom Ariel is in love. In Neverland the group tries to rescue Neal, knowing that Pan may well be manipulating them.

Dark Hollow

Episode #: 307
Air Date: 11.10.13
Our Rating:

Ariel travels to Storybrooke to help Belle find an artifact that might stop Pan once and for all, while in Neverland Emma, Neal, and Hook embark on a bold plan to capture Pan's shadow.

Think Lovely Thoughts

Episode #: 308
Air Date: 11.17.13
Our Rating:

With their trust of Rumplestiltskin running thin the group discovers Pan's true purpose with Henry, and sail to Skull Rock to try and stop him. Meanwhile, Rumple recalls his childhood and his desperate attempt to start a new life with his father in Neverland.

Save Henry

Episode #: 309
Air Date: 12.01.13
Our Rating:

Henry's loved ones race to save his life and stop Peter Pan from gaining full magical powers, turning to the Lost Boys to find him. In the past, Regina decides to adopt a baby to fill a hole in her heart.

The New Neverland

Episode #: 310
Air Date: 12.08.13
Our Rating:

The residents of Storybrooke welcome the travelers home -- but as everyone begins to make plans for the future, a now hidden enemy schemes in secret. In the fairy tale land Snow and Charming go on their honeymoon, where Snow hatches a plan to combat the Evil Queen.

Going Home

Episode #: 311
Air Date: 12.15.13
Our Rating:

The residents of Storybrooke race to stop Peter Pan from enacting a new curse that could wipe out the town, forcing more than one of them to make a deep and personal sacrifice.

New York City Serenade

Episode #: 312
Air Date: 03.09.14
Our Rating:

With Storybrooke erased from existence, Hook returns to our world to seek help from Emma and Henry -- who now have no memories of their loved ones from the Enchanted Forest.

Witch Hunt

Episode #: 313
Air Date: 03.16.14
Our Rating:

The reunited residents of Storybrooke look to Regina for an explanation of the new curse that has brought them all back, while Emma and Regina search for the real culprit. In the fairy tale world the Queen goes to meet the Wicked Witch, who has taken over her castle.

The Tower

Episode #: 314
Air Date: 03.23.14
Our Rating:

As Emma and Hook search for the Wicked Witch, Zelena puts into motion her plan for David and Mary Margaret. In the Fairy Tale land Prince Charming goes in search of a way to calm his fears, finding Rapunzel trapped in a high tower.

Quiet Minds

Episode #: 315
Air Date: 03.30.14

Neal finds himself back in Storybrooke and yearns for a way to reconnect with his son Henry, whose memories of his father are gone, while also trying to find his own father, Rumplestiltskin, whom he has just learned is alive but missing, and Regina discovers a possible connection with Robin Hood. (ABC)

It's Not Easy Being Green

Episode #: 316
Air Date: 04.06.14

Zelena challenges Regina to a fight to the death and shocks the Evil queen with the reveal of their familial connection. Meanwhile, back in the past in the land of Oz, a jealous Zelena asks the Wizard to send her to Fairy Tale Land after discovering that she has a sister, Regina, and that Rumplestiltskin is training her to become a powerful force to be reckoned with. (ABC)

The Jolly Roger

Episode #: 317
Air Date: 04.13.14

Ariel returns to Storybrooke and pleads with Hook to help her find Prince Eric, who never returned to the town when the new curse was invoked. Emma agrees to let Regina teach her how to use magic so that she can help defeat Zelena. Meanwhile, in Fairy Tale Land during the past year, an angry Ariel confronts Hook over her missing Prince Eric, who she assumes was kidnapped and possibly killed by the swarthy pirate. (ABC)

Bleeding Through

Episode #: 318
Air Date: 04.20.14

After Zelena steals Regina's heart, Regina casts a spell so that she can speak across the realms to her dead mother, Cora, to discover the truth about why she abandoned Zelena, and Belle stumbles across what Zelena's ultimate end game is. Meanwhile, in the Fairy Tale Land that was, young Cora is duped by a man claiming to be a prince and finds herself alone and pregnant. (ABC)

A Curious Thing

Episode #: 319
Air Date: 04.27.14

Zelena blackmails Hook in an attempt to drain Emma of her magical powers, while things heat up between Regina and Robin Hood. In Fairy Tale land Snow and Charming go in search of the Good Witch Glinda to see if she can help them defeat Zelena.


Episode #: 320
Air Date: 05.04.14

With Mary Margaret in labor and due to give birth at any moment, the residents of Storybrooke go on high alert in an attempt to ensure that Zelena doesn't try to steal her newborn baby. Meanwhile, in the land of Oz of the past, Glinda tries to convince Zelena to fight her evil tendencies and join her and her sister witches as a protector of Oz. But the appearance of a young girl from Kansas could turn out to be her undoing. (ABC)

Snow Drifts

Episode #: 321
Air Date: 05.11.14

While Mary Margaret and David celebrate the naming of their son at a coronation in Granny's Diner, Emma and Hook are pulled into Zelena's time portal and find themselves in the Enchanted Forest of the past. (ABC)

There's No Place Like Home

Episode #: 322
Air Date: 05.11.14

In their quest to discover a way home to Storybrooke, Emma and Hook must be careful not to change anything or risk altering the lives of their friends and family -- as well as their very own existence. (ABC)