Season Eleven Episode Guide

The Walking Dead (1101) - Acheron, Part 1

Acheron, Part 1

Episode #: 1101
Air Date: 08.22.2021
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The remnants of Maggie's former community join Alexandria, which is strained for resources and in desperate need of rebuilding – prompting a dangerous excursion back to Meridian. Ezekiel, Eugene, and the others are interrogated by the Commonwealth.
The Walking Dead (1102) - Acheron, Part 2

Acheron, Part 2

Episode #: 1102
Air Date: 08.29.2021
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After discovering a personal connection to the Commonwealth Yumiko looks to turn the tables on the people holding her and her friends. While Negan and the others advance through an abandoned subway train, Maggie and Daryl both find themselves on their own.
The Walking Dead (1103) - Hunted


Episode #: 1103
Air Date: 09.05.2021
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Maggie's team is separated after a brutal attack out of the darkness. With Alexandria strained for resources, Carol leads a group out in search of their lost horses.
The Walking Dead (1104) - Rendition


Episode #: 1104
Air Date: 09.12.2021
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After the nighttime ambush Daryl and Dog are captured by the enemy, leading to an unexpected reunion ... and a cult looking to acquire intel on the Alexandrians.
The Walking Dead (1105) - Out of the Ashes

Out of the Ashes

Episode #: 1105
Air Date: 09.19.2021
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While Eugene and the others get their orientation to life at the Commonwealth, Alexandria struggles to fortify its walls. Aaron and Carol make an unsettling discovery at Hilltop, and Maggie and Negan continue their difficult journey.
The Walking Dead (1106) - On the Inside

On the Inside

Episode #: 1106
Air Date: 09.26.2021
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Kelly goes in search of Connie, who is on the run and searching for shelter with her new companion Virgil. Daryl's loyalty is tested by Pope, who wants to find Maggie and the others from Alexandria.
The Walking Dead (1107) - Promises Broken

Promises Broken

Episode #: 1107
Air Date: 10.03.2021
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Maggie agrees to a temporary truce with Negan, but must adopt a new survival tactic. While Eugene and the others work off their debt to the Commonwealth, Yumiko gets closer to the people in power.
The Walking Dead (1108) - For Blood

For Blood

Episode #: 1108
Air Date: 10.10.2021
Our Rating:

While Alexandria weathers a storm that brings a herd inside the town walls, Maggie leads her own herd against Pope inside a newly fortified Meridian – where Daryl is working to undermine him.
The Walking Dead (1109) - No Other Way

No Other Way

Episode #: 1109
Air Date: 02.20.2022
Our Rating:

While Alexandria struggles to recover from a walker breach in the midst of a storm, Daryl tries to help Maggie's team escape from the Reapers.
The Walking Dead (1110) - New Haunts

New Haunts

Episode #: 1110
Air Date: 02.27.2022
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The Alexandrians adapt to a brand new life inside the safety of the Commonwealth, which is working to restore a semblance of the old world ... including its class divisions. But while Carol tries to help Ezekiel, Daryl is frustrated by the way the city's defense forces do business.
The Walking Dead (1111) - Rogue Element

Rogue Element

Episode #: 1111
Air Date: 03.06.2022
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After Stephanie goes missing Eugene gets help from Princess to investigate what he thinks is a conspiracy. Meanwhile Connie pursues the truth about the disturbance at the ball.
The Walking Dead (1112) - The Lucky Ones

The Lucky Ones

Episode #: 1112
Air Date: 03.13.2022
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Governor Milton tours Alexandria, Oceanside, and Hilltop as part of Lance Hornsby's ambitious plan to extend the Commonwealth's interests. Eugene meets the real woman behind the voice, and Ezekiel learns he's been given a chance for life-saving surgery.
The Walking Dead (1113) - Warlords


Episode #: 1113
Air Date: 03.20.2022
Our Rating:

After a dying man shows up at Hilltop pleading for help, Maggie agrees to help Lydia and Elijah come to the aid of strangers. Aaron asks Gabriel to join him on a Commonwealth effort to make first contact with a religious community.
The Walking Dead (1114) - The Rotten Core

The Rotten Core

Episode #: 1114
Air Date: 03.27.2022
Our Rating:

After Commonwealth troops seize an apartment complex to search for weapons stolen from them, Maggie and Aaron find unexpected allies on the inside. Daryl and Rosita are manipulated into retrieving something for Sebastian.
The Walking Dead (1115) - Trust


Episode #: 1115
Air Date: 04.03.2022
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Hornsby puts Daryl, Aaron, and Gabriel's loyalties to the test by marching them to Hilltop in search of missing weapons. Princess offers support to Michael Mercer, and Ezekiel tries to get the Commonwealth's surgeon to do him a favor.
The Walking Dead (1116) - Acts of God

Acts of God

Episode #: 1116
Air Date: 04.10.2022
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As Maggie takes Hershel to safety in anticipation of an attack on Hilltop, Hornsby recruits an assassin to take her out. Max considers betraying the Commonwealth leadership, and Daryl makes a fateful decision of his own.
The Walking Dead (1117) - Lockdown


Episode #: 1117
Air Date: 10.02.2022
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As Hornsby closes the noose around Daryl and Maggie, Negan uses his anonymity to go inside the Commonwealth and try to help the Alexandrians and their families escape. Governor Milton faces a public protest after her son's actions are exposed.
The Walking Dead (1118) - A New Deal

A New Deal

Episode #: 1118
Air Date: 10.09.2022
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Carol strikes a deal with Governor Milton to allow the Alexandrians to return home, putting up Lance Hornsby to take the fall for Sebastian. While the Commonwealth citizens celebrate Founders' Day, Max makes a fateful choice.
The Walking Dead (1119) - Variant


Episode #: 1119
Air Date: 10.16.2022
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Eugene is forced into hiding after his part in the death of one of the Commonwealth's leaders, while Mercer leads an investigation that brings Eugene's friends in for questioning. Aaron leads a group attempting to deliver supplies to Oceanside, only to find themselves in the path of a new, smarter kind of walker.
The Walking Dead (1120) - What's Been Lost

What's Been Lost

Episode #: 1120
Air Date: 10.23.2022
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After Pamela Milton has the Alexandrians rounded up in order to put pressure on Yumiko, Carol and Daryl go in search of their friends and are forced to trust an enemy.
The Walking Dead (1121) - Outpost 22

Outpost 22

Episode #: 1121
Air Date: 10.30.2022
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While the others pursue the Commonwealth's prison convoy Ezekiel, Negan, and others arrive at a labor camp. The survivors find a Commonwealth train being used to ferry supplies, and Maggie encounters a child who has been turned.
The Walking Dead (1122) - Faith


Episode #: 1122
Air Date: 11.06.2022
Our Rating:

Eugene's trial puts him in the crosshairs of Governor Milton. While Negan and the other prisoners try to muster an escape plan, Daryl and the others infiltrate Alexandria to get their people out.
The Walking Dead (1123) - Family


Episode #: 1123
Air Date: 11.13.2022
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The various groups outside of the Commonwealth make their way back to the city to try and take down Governor Milton once and for, while inside Mercer attempts to clear a path for them. But their task is complicated by a horde of walkers also converging on the city.
The Walking Dead (1124) - Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace

Episode #: 1124
Air Date: 11.20.2022
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Terror walks the streets of the Commonwealth, as Milton retreats to her gated community to save herself from the horde. With Judith injured, Daryl and Carol lead a desperate escape from the hospital -- and Negan and Maggie resolve to save the city by cutting off its head.