Season Ten Episode Guide

The Walking Dead (1001) - Lines We Cross

Lines We Cross

Episode #: 1001
Air Date: 10.06.2019
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While the group at Oceanside trains for combat, evidence emerges that the Whisperers may have returned. Tensions run high over the borders set by Alpha, until a fiery crash disrupts everything.
The Walking Dead (1002) - We Are the End of the World

We Are the End of the World

Episode #: 1002
Air Date: 10.13.2019
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Seven years ago Alpha and Lydia have their fateful first encounter with Beta, who grants them temporary shelter. In the present day the Whisperers embark on a long journey, but face a decision when one of their own shows weakness.
The Walking Dead (1003) - Ghosts


Episode #: 1003
Air Date: 10.20.2019
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Nerves are frayed after wave after wave of walkers wears down the people of Alexandria – and Alpha summons them for a meeting. Carol struggles with her need for vengeance, while Aaron and Negan have a confrontation in the woods.
The Walking Dead (1004) - Silence the Whisperers

Silence the Whisperers

Episode #: 1004
Air Date: 10.27.2019
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Hilltop faces structural compromise and walkers at the gate after a tree breaches the town's walls. While Lydia deals with bullies in Alexandria, Ezekiel faces the uncertainty of what lies ahead.
The Walking Dead (1005) - What It Always Is

What It Always Is

Episode #: 1005
Air Date: 11.03.2019
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Negan goes on the run from Alexandria, only to find himself with an unwelcome companion from the Saviors. Kelly goes missing while she is dealing with hearing loss, and Ezekiel shares a secret with Siddiq.
The Walking Dead (1006) - Bonds


Episode #: 1006
Air Date: 11.10.2019
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With Daryl in tow, Carol sets out to find and destroy the horde of walkers that Alpha has been using against the community. Negan's latest play brings him face to face with Beta and the Whisperers, and Eugene makes contact.
The Walking Dead (1007) - Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes

Episode #: 1007
Air Date: 11.17.2019
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Carol and Daryl attempt to gain intel on the walker horde from their new prisoner, while Siddiq begins to experience a mental breakdown. Alpha challenges one of her people to exploit Aaron's kindness.
The Walking Dead (1008) - The World Before

The World Before

Episode #: 1008
Air Date: 11.24.2019
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A personal betrayal inside Alexandria shakes Rosita and the community, while Michonne and her companions encounter a stranger on the road. When Aaron learns the location of Alpha's horde, the group plans a high-stakes, direct attack on the enemy.
The Walking Dead (1009) - Squeeze


Episode #: 1009
Air Date: 02.23.2020
Our Rating:

After a group of survivors is trapped underground by Alpha, Daryl leads them through a series of caverns to try and escape – though Carol is increasingly paralyzed by claustrophobia.
The Walking Dead (1010) - Stalker


Episode #: 1010
Air Date: 03.01.2020
Our Rating:

After taking a Whisperer prisoner Alexandria prepares for an attack by the enemy, unaware that Beta has found a secret route inside the town's walls. Elsewhere, an injured Daryl is forced into a game of cat and mouse.
The Walking Dead (1011) - Morning Star

Morning Star

Episode #: 1011
Air Date: 03.08.2020
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Hilltop prepares for the walker herd coming their way, knowing they may not survive the onslaught. Eugene arranges to finally meet his radio friend face-to-face, and Carol search for ways to make amends.
The Walking Dead (1012) - Walk With Us

Walk With Us

Episode #: 1012
Air Date: 03.15.2020
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As the Whisperers celebrate a victory, the survivors regroup and search for Hilltop's lost children – and Negan obtains an even bigger prize for Alpha.
The Walking Dead (1013) - What We Become

What We Become

Episode #: 1013
Air Date: 03.22.2020
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Virgil leads Michonne to his home on an abandoned naval base, where she quickly finds that his story doesn't add up ... and that her own life might have been lived very differently.
The Walking Dead (1014) - Look at the Flowers

Look at the Flowers

Episode #: 1014
Air Date: 03.29.2020
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Miko and Ezekiel set out with Eugene in a potentially misguided quest to meet Stephanie and make new allies. Carol is haunted by an unexpected ghost, and Negan finds that his new lease on life is short-lived.
The Walking Dead (1015) - The Tower

The Tower

Episode #: 1015
Air Date: 04.05.2020
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Eugene, Miko, and Ezekiel encounter an eccentric loner in the city, and are forced to trust her after losing their means of transportation. The Whisperers march into Alexandria to find the town evacuated, and Carol tries to make amends.
The Walking Dead (1016) - A Certain Doom

A Certain Doom

Episode #: 1016
Air Date: 10.04.2020
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The group's hiding place as the hospital refuge is surrounded by the Whisperers and their horde – forcing a desperate gambit to try and lead the walkers away. Eugene and his friends continue a difficult journey, and an old friend receives a plea for help.
The Walking Dead (1017) - Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Episode #: 1017
Air Date: 02.28.2021
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Maggie returns with new friends looking for a place to resettle, and is forced to reckon with the fact that Negan is alive and free. As Daryl leads them in a search for Connie, the group is besieged by a dangerous new enemy that is hunting them in the forest.
The Walking Dead (1018) - Find Me

Find Me

Episode #: 1018
Air Date: 03.07.2021
Our Rating:

An excursion for Daryl and Carol leads them to discover an old cabin, evoking memories of Daryl's life in the years following Rick's disappearance – and the woman he knew.
The Walking Dead (1019) - One More

One More

Episode #: 1019
Air Date: 03.14.2021
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Gabriel and Aaron search the countryside for food and supplies, leading them from one tragedy to another – until they find themselves in a tense standoff with a lone survivor.
The Walking Dead (1020) - Splinter


Episode #: 1020
Air Date: 03.21.2021
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Captured by a group of masked soldiers, Princess finds herself separated from Eugene, Ezekiel, and Yumiko – uncertain of whether the people holding them are hostiles or possible allies.
The Walking Dead (1021) - Diverged


Episode #: 1021
Air Date: 03.28.2021
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Daryl and Carol go their separate ways, with Carol making her way back to Alexandria to try and find her place again – while Daryl searches the countryside for what he needs to get back on the road.
The Walking Dead (1022) - Here's Negan

Here's Negan

Episode #: 1022
Air Date: 04.05.2021
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After Negan is asked to leave town to ease tensions, his solitude drives him to relive the events that brought him to this point – from his old life as a husband trying to right wrongs and care for his ailing wife.