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  1. LoneStar1836
    LoneStar1836 October 27, 2011 at 12:45 pm |

    I’m watching Terra Nova, but like you I find it rather disappointing in that they are going for the broader appeal with a more family friendly tone, and the stories so far are standard sci-fi so you know the resolution or twist right away…like when they lost their memories and Jim just happened to have a cold. I’m sticking with the show as it seems to be moving more into what I’m interested…the mystery with the sixers and the deal with the time rift.

    Big fan of Supernatural, but this season is so-so thus far. Some things I’m liking, some not.

    And I’m also enjoying The Walking Dead which is what I was most looking forward to. Can’t wait to see where they go with it this season.

    Don’t watch Fringe but plan on eventually going back and watching it.

    On the non-sci-fi front, like you I’m watching Ringer and Person of Interest. Actually they are the only other two scripted shows I watch on tv. Along with Nikita since it airs with Supernatural. Nikita needs some ratings love as I think it’s a great show and hope it gets another season.

    Ringer could use some work in the writing department. I was like wth is going on with the last new ep with the twist they threw our way with Bridgett framing herself for the murder, and then there was no new ep this week to follow that up, but I think the show is entertaining enough to keep watching. Not sure I’d have initially watched it if SMG weren’t the lead.

    I’m not big into episodic tv anymore so Person of Interest is a nice surprise in that the eps are quite good to keep me watching and the bit of ongoing story arc helps.

    Don’t watch much new tv anymore so this is probably the most new shows (Terra Nova, Ringer, Person of Interest, and Nikita…even though it’s in its 2nd season) I’ve stuck with in a while.

    Since you kindly added the new folders for tv over on GW, I’ll try to comment over here. 🙂

  2. joegett
    joegett November 25, 2011 at 2:42 am |

    Terra Nova has been a real disappointment as noted above. So frustrating as I so wanted to love it. Wish they would fix it before too late but no having much hope on that front. Walking Dead is the only one really hitting the mark at the moment. Shame there is no space set sci fi anywhere at the moment. Having to get my fix on reruns or Dvd.