Season Five Episode Guide

The Expanse (501) - Exodus


Episode #: 501
Air Date: 12.16.2020
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The Rocinante puts in for repairs at Tycho Station, where Naomi gets a lead on the location of her son Filip. Amos travels to Earth to settle some personal matters, and Alex finds a cold welcome when he returns home to Mars.
The Expanse (502) - Churn


Episode #: 502
Air Date: 12.16.2020
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Holden receives a warning from his journalist friend Monica Stuart that someone is trying to obtain protomolecule. Meanwhile Amos visits an old friend in Baltimore, and Avasarala tries to convince the U.N. that Marco Inaros may have a hidden plot.
The Expanse (503) - Mother


Episode #: 503
Air Date: 12.16.2020
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Avasarala's investigation into the meteor fragments leads her to the conclusion that Inaros is targeting Earth. As Drummer's crew finds Ashford's derelict ship, Holden warns Fred Johnson that he is about to become a target — and Naomi tries to arrange a meeting with her son.
The Expanse (504) - Gaugamela


Episode #: 504
Air Date: 12.23.2020
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Alex and Bobbie pursue a ship from Mars they suspect to be running weapons, while Earth reels from an asteroid impact. Amos pays a visit to a friend in prison, and Tycho Station comes under attack.
The Expanse (505) - Down and Out

Down and Out

Episode #: 505
Air Date: 12.30.2020
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Following Marco's attack on Earth Amos makes some unlikely allies to try and escape from a high-security prison. Bobbie and Alex track their quarry to a clandestine meeting, while Naomifinds herself powerless on board Marco's ship.
The Expanse (506) - Tribes


Episode #: 506
Air Date: 01.06.2021
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As the U.N. government tries to find its footing, Amos and Clarissa set out across the countryside to find refuge in Baltimore. Bobbie and Alex try to escape their pursuers, and Marco attempts to recruit Drummer's crew into his Free Navy.
The Expanse (507) - Oyedeng


Episode #: 507
Air Date: 01.13.2021
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While Holden takes the Rocinante in pursuit of Marco's newest prize, Naomi tries to win her son's heart away from his brutal and manipulative father.
The Expanse (508) - Hard Vacuum

Hard Vacuum

Episode #: 508
Air Date: 01.20.2021
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While Naomi attempts to warn her friends of a trap, Avasarala offers council to the new U.N. Secretary General as he considers an attack on the Belt. Amos and Clarissa arrive in Baltimore, and Drummer's crew is forced to work salvage for Marco's forces.
The Expanse (509) - Winnipesaukee


Episode #: 509
Air Date: 01.27.2021
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Amos and Erich lead a force to a wealthy home in the mountains, where they hope to steal a transport that can take them to Luna. As the fragile U.N. government threatens to break apart, Marco orders Drummer's ship to destroy the Rocinante.
The Expanse (510) - Nemesis Games

Nemesis Games

Episode #: 510
Air Date: 02.03.2021
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Holden and the Rocinante discover that they have fallen into Marco Inaros' trap, as Drummer makes a fateful decision about her allegiance. With Alex and Bobbie arriving to rescue her, Naomi has just one more option to try and save their lives.