Season Six Episode Guide

Time's Arrow, Part 2

Episode #: 601
Air Date: 09.21.92
Our Rating:

The Enterprise crew follows Data back in time to 19th-century San Francisco, where an old friend must help them stop a pair of aliens from murdering innocent people.

Realm of Fear

Episode #: 602
Air Date: 09.28.92
Our Rating:

When the Enterprise comes to the aid of a Federation starship, Lieutenant Barclay is forced to confront his fear of the transporter -- discovering what he believes to be an alien creature inside the transporter beam.

Man of the People

Episode #: 603
Air Date: 10.05.92
Our Rating:

The Enterprise transports an alien ambassador to mediate peace talks between two warring peoples, but the visitor uses Counselor Troi to realize his selfish ambition.


Episode #: 604
Air Date: 10.12.92
Our Rating:

The Enterprise discovers a mythical structure in space, and a Federation legend who has survived for decades in a transporter buffer. Montgomery Scott must face his new future in the 24th century.


Episode #: 605
Air Date: 10.19.92
Our Rating:

The crew begin to suffer from intense fatigue, and discover that many of them are being taken to an alien dimension during the night for study.

True Q

Episode #: 606
Air Date: 10.26.92
Our Rating:

A talented student joins the crew of the Enterprise, but it isn't long before she is forced to reveal her supernatural powers -- drawing the attention of the Q Continuum.


Episode #: 607
Air Date: 11.02.92
Our Rating:

A transporter accident transforms Picard, Ro, Guinan and Keiko into children, who must help defend the Enterprise from a group of Ferengi raiders.

A Fistful of Datas

Episode #: 608
Air Date: 11.09.92
Our Rating:

Worf, Alexander and Troi engage in an Old West adventure on the holodeck, but an engineering experiment with Data causes the fantasy to go horribly wrong.

The Quality of Life

Episode #: 609
Air Date: 11.16.92
Our Rating:

Data challenges the use of a new technology that performs hazardous tasks when he concludes that the maintenance robots may be alive.

Chain of Command, Part 1

Episode #: 610
Air Date: 12.14.92
Our Rating:

Picard surrenders command of the Enterprise and embarks on a covert operation into Cardassian space with Worf and Dr. Crusher.

Chain of Command, Part 2

Episode #: 611
Air Date: 12.21.92
Our Rating:

A prisoner of the Cardassians, Captain Picard is physically and mentally tortured. Riker challenges Captain Jelico during negotiates with the Cardassians, and is relieved of duty.

Ship In A Bottle

Episode #: 612
Air Date: 01.25.93
Our Rating:

Professor Moriarty's sentient holodeck character is accidentally reactivated, and the crew is stunned to see him boldly exit the holodeck matrix ... and continue to exist.


Episode #: 613
Air Date: 02.01.93
Our Rating:

LaForge and the crew investigate the murder of Federation scientists on board a station near Klingon space. Geordi is shocked when one of the crewmen presumed dead returns to the station.

Face of the Enemy

Episode #: 614
Air Date: 02.08.93
Our Rating:

Troi awakens to discover that she has been kidnapped by Romulans and surgically altered to appear as one of them, in order to help smuggle valuable cargo into the hands of the Federation.


Episode #: 615
Air Date: 02.15.93
Our Rating:

Picard is mortally wounded, and finds himself in the afterlife with Q -- who offers to let him save his life by altering a past mistake.

Birthright, Part 1

Episode #: 616
Air Date: 02.22.93
Our Rating:

An experiment on Deep Space Nine triggers symbolic dreams in Data's positronic brain. Worf learns that his father may not be dead, and journeys to a Romulan prison colony to learn the truth.

Birthright, Part 2

Episode #: 617
Air Date: 03.01.93
Our Rating:

Worf finds himself trapped at a Romulan prison colony with a group of Klingons who aren't interested in leaving, and discovers a shocking secret about them.

Starship Mine

Episode #: 618
Air Date: 03.29.93
Our Rating:

Picard finds himself trapped on board the Enterprise after the ship is evacuated for a routine but lethal energy sweep -- and discovers a group of mercenaries working to steal a volatile engine byproduct for sale on the black market.


Episode #: 619
Air Date: 04.05.93
Our Rating:

Captain Picard begins to fall in love with one of his crew, but must send her on a dangerous mission that could result in her death.

The Chase

Episode #: 620
Air Date: 04.26.93
Our Rating:

The death of a former mentor leaves Picard with the legacy of his work, sending the Enterprise on an archaeological hunt across the galaxy. But the Federation isn't the only one looking for this ancient secret.

Frame of Mind

Episode #: 621
Air Date: 05.03.93
Our Rating:

Riker is convinced he is going insane when he wakes up in an alien mental hospital, and cannot distinguish the truth of that reality from his life on the Enterprise.


Episode #: 622
Air Date: 05.10.93
Our Rating:

A Ferengi scientist is found dead after his attempt to prove a controversial theory fails. Dr. Crusher's investigation into his death puts her career in Starfleet at risk.

Rightful Heir

Episode #: 623
Air Date: 05.17.93
Our Rating:

A quest for a vision reveals to Worf the great warrior Kahless, inexplicably reborn from the distant past. Worf supports the legendary hero in an attempt to seize control of the Klingon Empire.

Second Chances

Episode #: 624
Air Date: 05.24.93
Our Rating:

Riker finds an exact duplicate of himself stranded on a downed ship, from which Riker himself escaped years earlier. The result of a transporter error, Lieutenant Will Riker attempts to rekindle a relationship with Deanna Troi.


Episode #: 625
Air Date: 06.14.93
Our Rating:

Picard, Troi, Data and LaForge return from a conference to find the Enterprise frozen in time in the middle of a battle with a Romulan Warbird -- with time itself fractured all around them.

Descent, Part 1

Episode #: 626
Air Date: 06.21.93
Our Rating:

A frightening encounter with the Borg leads Data to experience his first emotion. He attempts to duplicate the experience, but is only able to do so with the Borg's help.