Season Two Episode Guide


Episode #: 201
Air Date: 09.25.09
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Echo goes undercover as the bride of an international arms dealer as part of one of Agent Ballard's open FBI cases. Dr. Saunders struggles with the new-found knowledge of her true existence, making Topher the target of her angst.


Episode #: 202
Air Date: 10.02.09
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Echo is imprinted as a mother with a newborn baby, and becomes convinced that her husband is trying to kill her after he calls off the engagement. Meanwhile Adelle calls November in for a check-up, and Senator Perrin escalates his investigation into the Rossum Corporation.

Belle Chose

Episode #: 203
Air Date: 10.09.09
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The Dollhouse is called upon to help the nephew of one of the company's major shareholders, only to discover that the man is a likely serial killer. Elsewhere, Echo is imprinted as a college student for a professor looking to fulfill a fantasy.


Episode #: 204
Air Date: 10.23.09
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A wealthy and powerful associate of the Rossum Corporation turns his obsessions with Sierra into an ultimatum, threatening DeWitt if she does not imprint Sierra and deliver her to him ... permanently.

The Public Eye

Episode #: 205
Air Date: 12.04.09
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When a U.S. Senator threatens to expose the Dollhouse, Echo poses as a call girl in order to blackmail him. Paul attempts to help the Senator's surprise witness -- a former Doll with whom he has a personal connection.

The Left Hand

Episode #: 206
Air Date: 12.04.09
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Echo finds herself at the mercy of the Washington, D.C. Dollhouse -- where the chief tech holds a personal grudge against her. Topher is tasked with hacking the D.C. network to steal Perrin's brain map.

Meet Jane Doe

Episode #: 207
Air Date: 12.11.09
Our Rating:

Living on the outside, Echo and Paul plan for a move against the Dollhouse -- but only after Echo can help a young woman escape from prison. Meanwhile, Adelle finds herself struggling to maintain control of her house.

A Love Supreme

Episode #: 208
Air Date: 12.11.09
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When Alpha resurfaces with the murder of Echo's past romantic engagements, Ballard and Boyd attempt to predict the next victim. Adelle grows suspicious of Ballard after Echo's long absence.


Episode #: 209
Air Date: 12.18.09
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When Victor's contract is up he is restored to his original self and released back into the world, but his past quickly catches up to him in the form of a clandestine military unit.

The Attic

Episode #: 210
Air Date: 12.18.09
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Echo finds herself trapped in the Attic, a prisoner inside her own mind. But when she is attacked by a shadowy assassin, Echo discovers a way to enter the minds of others.

Getting Closer

Episode #: 211
Air Date: 01.08.10
Our Rating:

With Caroline's original imprint missing the team abducts Bennett from the Washington Dollhouse to help reconstruct her, triggering a sequence of events that forces Adelle to put the house into lockdown.

The Hollow Man

Episode #: 212
Air Date: 01.15.10
Our Rating:

With few options left Adelle plans to make a frontal assault on Rossum's head office, unaware of the impending confrontation with the company's reclusive founder. Echo's imprint with Caroline does not go according to plan.

Epitaph Two: The Return

Episode #: 213
Air Date: 01.22.10
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Ten years in the future the survivors of Rossum's apocalypse rescue Topher and learn that he has a way to undo the global devastation -- but it will require risking all their lives to return to the Dollhouse.