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Sci-Fi This Week: Syfy Debuts Dark Matter, Defiance Returns

Find out what’s airing in science fiction and fantasy this week

Syfy Channel finally returns to outer space this week, with the new drama Dark Matter making its much-anticipated premiere on Friday night! We had a chance to preview the first episode of the show from former Stargate producers Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, and it’s definitely going to be the show to watch this summer. (Stay tuned for a full review this week.)

The new show will follow the 2-hour season premiere of Defiance (8/7c), which introduces a new Votan species and some cool-looking new characters as it heads into its third season. Syfy is teeing up a return to the classic “SciFi Friday” line-up of original scripted drama: starting next week the Friday prime-time block will be Defiance, Killjoys (season premiere), and Dark Matter.

This week also brings the fifth season finale of Game of Thrones (has it been 10 weeks already?), which has spent this season moving slowly on some point points while lurching from shock to shock in other parts of Westeros.

Here’s your schedule for this week in sci-fi television:

Defiance (Season 3)DEFIANCE
“The World We Seize” and “The Last Unicorns.” Nolan and Irisa are mysteriously rescued from their underground confinement just in time to discover that enemy forces are marching on the town of Defiance, which has fallen on hard times following the collapse of the gulanite mines. Meanwhile, Datak, Stahma and Rafe run into deadly complications on their quest to reunite their family.
Jodelle Ferland as FiveDARK MATTER
Syfy, 10/9c – SERIES PREMIERE!
“Pilot, Part 1.” The crew of a space vessel awaken from stasis with no memory of who they are or the nature of their mission, and must work together to find answers when the ship arrives at a remote mining colony.
Orphan Black (Season 3)ORPHAN BLACK
BBC America, 9/8c
“Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow.” Sarah, Felix, and Mrs. S are in London to track down the Castor Original, but their enemies are not far behind.
Game of ThronesGAME OF THRONES
HBO, 9/8c
“Mother’s Mercy.” Stannis marches. Dany is surrounded by strangers. Cersei seeks forgiveness. Jon is challenged.

What are YOUR top picks for this week?


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