Short Treks Episode Guide

Star Trek: Short Treks (101) - Runaway


Episode #: 101
Air Date: 10.04.2018
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Ensign Tilly has a close encounter with a young woman trying to escape her planet, who has the ability to become invisible.
Star Trek: Short Treks (102) - Calypso


Episode #: 102
Air Date: 11.08.2018
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A thousand years in the future, Discovery's evolved artificial intelligence comes to the rescue of a human survivor -- beginning a remarkable relationship.
Star Trek: Short Treks (103) - The Brightest Star

The Brightest Star

Episode #: 103
Air Date: 12.06.2018
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On his primitive homeworld, a young Saru questions his path and seizes an opportunity to reach out to the unknown.
Star Trek: Short Treks (104) - The Escape Artist

The Escape Artist

Episode #: 104
Air Date: 01.03.2019
Our Rating:

Harry Mudd finds himself the prisoner of a bounty hunter with a personal grudge, who plans to claim the prize on his head.
Star Trek: Short Treks (201) - Q&A


Episode #: 201
Air Date: 10.05.2019
Our Rating:

On his first day assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise, Ensign Spock finds himself trapped in the ship's turbolift with the First Officer.
Star Trek: Short Treks (202) - The Trouble with Edward

The Trouble with Edward

Episode #: 202
Air Date: 10.09.2019
Our Rating:

Lynne Lucero's promotion to captain the science vessel Cabot proves challenging when an eccentric scientist defies orders to experiment on tribbles.
Short Treks (203) - Ask Not

Ask Not

Episode #: 203
Air Date: 11.14.2019
Our Rating:

In the middle of a battle young Cadet Suta finds herself required to secure a traitorous prisoner: Captain Christopher Pike.
"The Girl Who Made the Stars" (Short Treks)

The Girl Who Made the Stars

Episode #: 204
Air Date: 12.12.2019
Our Rating:

A frightened young Michael Burnham hears a legend from ancient Africa from her father.
"Ephraim and Dot" (Short Treks)

Ephraim and Dot

Episode #: 205
Air Date: 12.12.2019
Our Rating:

An interstellar tardigrade squares off with a Federation maintenance bot after laying its eggs inside a starship that is on the move.
Short Treks (206) - Children of Mars

Children of Mars

Episode #: 206
Air Date: 01.09.2020
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A pair of young girls growing up on Mars fight during a class trip -- until an assault on their home changes everything.