Season Three Episode Guide

Crocodile Fears

Episode #: 301
U.K. Air Date: 28.03.09

In the third-season opener, a monstrous crocodile from ancient Egypt is unleashed when an anomaly opens in London's British Museum. Cutter and the team race to catch the deadly creature, with help from Sarah Page (Laila Rouass), the museum's archaeologist. (TV Guide)

Haunted House

Episode #: 302
U.K. Air Date: 04.04.09

A deadly creature that's able to camouflage itself is residing in a so-called haunted house. (TV Guide)

Medical Mayhem

Episode #: 303
U.K. Air Date: 11.04.09

A journalist is determined to expose the ARC as an anomaly from the Permian era releases dangerous creatures from the past and the future in a local hospital. (TV Guide)

A Gigantic Problem

Episode #: 304
U.K. Air Date: 18.04.09

A dogged journalist continues to trail the team as it races to intercept the largest anomaly it has ever encountered. Meanwhile, a predator bigger than the T. rex rampages through an airport. (TV Guide)

Future Epidemic

Episode #: 305
U.K. Air Date: 25.04.09

A fast-growing flesh-eating fungus comes through an anomaly, threatening the entire country. (TV Guide)

For the Birds

Episode #: 306
U.K. Air Date: 02.05.09

The ARC is invaded by members of the military who are searching for a mysterious artifact. Meanwhile, gigantic birds from the Pliocene era come through an anomaly. (TV Guide)

Dragon Tales

Episode #: 307
U.K. Air Date: 09.05.09

A wounded dinosaur from the Cretaceous era comes through an anomaly, as does a medieval knight, who tries to slay the creature after mistaking it for a dragon. (TV Guide)

Oh, Brother!

Episode #: 308
U.K. Air Date: 16.05.09

A carnivorous insect from the future appears at a race-car test track. Meanwhile, Abby's brother is determined to uncover the truth about her job, and lands himself in danger. (TV Guide)

Herd Logic

Episode #: 309
U.K. Air Date: 23.05.09

A mysterious woman from the future arrives as the team tries to prevent a dangerous stampede of gigantic rhinoceros-like beasts that have come through an anomaly. (TV Guide)

The Chase Continues

Episode #: 310
U.K. Air Date: 06.06.09

In the Season 3 finale, the team goes back in time to stop Helen Cutter from poisoning the earliest humans to prevent their evolution in Africa's Great Rift Valley. (TV Guide)