Season One Episode Guide

Leapin' Lizards

Episode #: 101
U.K. Air Date: 10.02.07

In the series opener, a dinosaur sighting is investigated by evolutionary zoologist Nick Cutter and his team. (TV Guide)

Underground Infestation

Episode #: 102
U.K. Air Date: 17.02.07

The team searches unused tunnels in the London Underground after a giant spider attacks a cleaner. (TV Guide)

Helen Makes Contact

Episode #: 103
U.K. Air Date: 24.02.07

Nick worries about his wife as prehistoric reptiles invade swimming pools, cellars and reservoirs via space-time anomalies. (TV Guide)

Dodo Madness

Episode #: 104
U.K. Air Date: 03.03.07

Ancient parasites that could devastate the human race are discovered in a group of dodos. (TV Guide)

Ptera-ble News

Episode #: 105
U.K. Air Date: 10.03.07

A prehistoric winged reptile appears above a golf course; Connor and Abby search for Rex in the nearby woods. (TV Guide)

Future Foe

Episode #: 106
U.K. Air Date: 17.03.07

Helen resurfaces with news implicating a predator from the future as the culprit behind numerous disappearances. (TV Guide)