Season Three

Newer Elements of Our Defense

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Sarah tries to help Mark stay alive after he is shot by the Proletheans, while Helena begins to plan her escape from Castor's military compound. Alison and Donnie find themselves under the thumb of a drug supplier, and Felix tries to help Cosima move on.
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Mark is taken down in a Prolethean shoot-out and Sarah must step in to help. But as Sarah gathers intel that puts her on the trail of the original Castor DNA, a familiar foe is not far behind.  While Helena continues to toil in a faraway military compound, it is ultimately Sarah’s fate that will hang in the balance as she tries to save her sister. Meanwhile, Gracie is cast out from the Prolethean fold, and Alison and Donnie come face-to-face with unhappy drug lord, Jason Kellerman. Justin Chatwin guest stars.