Season Two Episode Guide

Bad Teeth

Episode #: 201
Air Date: 08.13.12

Nick tries to deal with his mother's unexpected return. Meanwhile, a foreign plot to hunt down Nick comes to light; Rosalee and Monroe attempt to awaken Juliette from her coma; Hank processes some new information; and Capt. Renard works to reconnect with his estranged brother. (TV Guide)

The Kiss

Episode #: 202
Air Date: 08.20.12

Nick and his mother team up to fight the Mauvais Dentes. Meanwhile, details about Juliette's affliction come to light as Monroe and Rosalee race against the clock to save her; Nick gets into trouble with the FBI; and Capt. Renard deals with his brother. (TV Guide)

Bad Moon Rising

Episode #: 203
Air Date: 08.27.12

Hank helps an old friend whose daughter is missing, while Nick investigates the motives involved in the girl's disappearance. (TV Guide)


Episode #: 204
Air Date: 09.03.12

Nick discovers a highly contagious Wesen disease while investigating an accident. Elsewhere, Monroe and Rosalee come face-to-face with an infected creature; and Capt. Renard learns that a dangerous international fugitive has arrived in town. (TV Guide)

The Good Shepherd

Episode #: 205
Air Date: 09.28.12

Monroe investigates a Wesen church after a robbery occurs there; Nick is followed by a menacing adversary as he works to reconnect with Juliette. (TV Guide)

Over My Dead Body

Episode #: 206
Air Date: 10.05.12

Monroe's old flame Angelina returns with a warning that he may be in danger due to his continuing alliance with Nick. Meanwhile, Hank expands his Wesen knowledge while working with Nick to protect Monroe; and Capt. Renard receives a visit from a European acquaintance. (TV Guide)

The Bottle Imp

Episode #: 207
Air Date: 10.12.12

An investigation into a gruesome murder leads Nick and Hank to an unstable father and his daughter. Elsewhere, Monroe fills in for Rosalee at the spice shop; and Capt. Renard deals with women from his past. (TV Guide)

The Other Side

Episode #: 208
Air Date: 10.19.12

Nick and Hank investigate the murder of a high-school athlete; Capt. Renard deals with unwanted romantic attention; and Monroe gets an unexpected visitor at the spice shop. (TV Guide)

La Llorona

Episode #: 209
Air Date: 10.26.12

Nick realizes a series of child abductions that he is investigating bear a striking resemblance to the Hispanic legend of "La Llorona." (Zap2It)

The Hour of Death

Episode #: 210
Air Date: 11.02.12

A gruesome murder may be linked to another Grimm; Capt. Renard comforts Juliette, who is still working through her dilemma with Nick. (TV Guide)

To Protect and Serve Man

Episode #: 211
Air Date: 11.09.12

Hank's newfound knowledge of the Wesen world leads him to question an arrest he made earlier in his career. Monroe deals with an unexpected situation at the spice shop. (TV Guide)

Season of the Hexenbiest

Episode #: 212
Air Date: 11.16.12

Adalind returns to Portland seeking revenge, specifically targeting Nick, Hank and Juliette. Meanwhile, Capt. Renard's obsession grows; Monroe gets a surprise at the spice shop. (TV Guide)

Face Off

Episode #: 213
Air Date: 03.08.13

While struggling to process the truth about Juliette and Renard, Nick is called to investigate his own crime. Elsewhere, Renard finds Nick's trailer and forms a new alliance; Monroe tells Nick that he can help with Juliette; and Wu responds to a shooting at Nick's house. (TV Guide)

Natural Born Wesen

Episode #: 214
Air Date: 03.15.13

A group of Wesen break a sacred code of honor by robbing banks while using their true natures as disguises. Elsewhere, Juliette questions her sanity as her lost memories start to come back. (TV Guide)

Mr. Sandman

Episode #: 215
Air Date: 03.22.13

Nick and Hank are on the case after a woman contracts a sudden case of blindness and then dies, and the search leads them to a Wesen that feeds off its victim's tears. Elsewhere, Adalind reflects on her new situation; and Juliette works on her memory with Rosalee's help. (TV Guide)


Episode #: 216
Air Date: 03.29.13

Nick and Hank wage a cyber war against a Wesen killer; Juliette starts to make sense of her hallucinations. (TV Guide)


Episode #: 218
Air Date: 04.26.13

A volcano threatens to bury Portland in lava; Adalind gains a new ally; and Juliette needs help dealing with multiple memories of Nick. (TV Guide)

One Angry Fuchsbau

Episode #: 217
Air Date: 04.05.13

Rosalee asks Hank, Nick and Monroe for help when a defense attorney tries to use Wesen wiles to overturn a murder case; memories rush back to Juliette when she returns to the trailer. (Zap2It)


Episode #: 219
Air Date: 04.30.13

Nick begins to suspect the existence of Wesen aliens after investigating mysterious cow mutations and reports of glowing creatures. Meanwhile, he learns more about the key; and Juliette begins to recall romantic moments between herself and Nick. (TV Guide)

Kiss of the Muse

Episode #: 220
Air Date: 05.07.13

Plans for a dinner date between Nick and Juliette go awry due to a muse-like Wesen with influential powers. Elsewhere, Rosalee visits the trailer for the first time. (TV Guide)

The Waking Dead

Episode #: 221
Air Date: 05.14.13

There might be zombies in Portland when Nick and Hank investigate suspects who are turning up dead -- for the second time. Meanwhile, Juliette pressures Monroe to share details about the Wesen world and Nick's involvement as a Grimm; and Adalind is caught in a royal feud. (TV Guide)

Goodnight, Sweet Grimm

Episode #: 222
Air Date: 05.21.13

Nick enlists help from Monroe and Rosalee while investigating attacks involving the "undead" in Portland. Meanwhile, Capt. Renard's brother is in town on family business; and Adalind's allies battle each other. (TV Guide)