Season One Episode Guide

The Earth Bull

Episode #: 101
U.K. Air Date: 28.09.13

Fledgling hero Jason goes in search of his father, only to find himself washed up on the shores of a mysterious land -- a world of strange creatures, soothsaying oracles and palaces so large it is said they were built by giants. This is the city of Atlantis -- but the newcomer soon realises he has chosen the wrong time to arrive when he becomes mixed up in a deadly ritual from which it seems there is no escape. (Radio Times)

A Girl By Any Other Name

Episode #: 102
U.K. Air Date: 05.10.13

The fantasy drama continues, and despite the fame they have achieved from slaying the Minotaur, Jason and his friends Hercules and Pythagoras are still penniless and hungry. So when an old man asks them to find his missing daughter, it looks like things are on the up. There's just one problem -- the girl has been taken by the fanatical worshippers of the god Dionysys. The mission seems to be over before it has begun -- but then Jason comes face to face with a stranger called Medusa. (Radio Times)

A Boy of No Consequence

Episode #: 103
U.K. Air Date: 12.10.13

An argument with a young nobleman leaves Jason and his friends at the mercy of King Minos, who declares they become bull-leapers -- a virtually impossible crowd-pleasing sport in which they have to jump over a charging beast. The trio are forced to pull together if they are to overcome this ultimate test of bravery -- but unknown to them, there is a dark force turning the gods against them. (Radio Times)

Twist of Fate

Episode #: 104
U.K. Air Date: 19.10.13

Whilst hunting in the mountains, the boys stumble across an abandoned baby. Jason refuses to leave the child to die and insists he return home with them to Atlantis. But this charitable act has far-reaching implications, and the gang soon find themselves embroiled in a complicated web of secrets and lies. With their own lives now on the line as well as the child's, it seems they may well pay the ultimate price for interfering with fate. (BBC)

White Lies

Episode #: 105
U.K. Air Date: 26.10.13

A night-time messenger brings news from outside the city for Ariadne, who calls on Jason and his friends to help guide her to its source. But leaving without raising the Queen's suspicions seems like an impossible task -- especially when it turns out the one who has written is Therus, Ariadne's exiled brother. As Heptarian and the King's guards close in on his hiding place, Ariadne must decide where her loyalties lie -- in Atlantis or with her royal sibling. (Radio Times)

The Song of the Sirens

Episode #: 106
U.K. Air Date: 02.11.13

Hercules visits a witch in an attempt to win Medusa's heart, but events take a dangerous turn when he releases a potent but toxic enchantment that threatens to turn his burgeoning hope into unbearable grief. A deadly chain of events rapidly unfolds, leaving Jason to undo history before it's too late -- but as the young hero retraces his friend's steps, he is unaware he is walking into a deadly trap. (Radio Times)

The Rules of Engagement

Episode #: 107
U.K. Air Date: 09.11.13

When Jason learns of Ariadne's betrothal to Heptarian, he is brokenhearted. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, he enters into a brutal fighting tournament to honour the nuptials -- lining up with a bevy of terrifying contestants including the undefeated Heptarian. Determined to beat the husband-to-be and show his worthiness, it is up to Jason's loyal friends to guide him through the contest, where there are more than just broken hearts at stake. (BBC)

The Furies

Episode #: 108
U.K. Air Date: 16.11.13

The trio are charged with escorting a valuable cargo across the desert, travelling into the unknown with a ramshackle caravan of strangers -- and Pythagoras's feisty younger brother Arcas, who has joined them for the trip. The mission soon takes a decidedly spooky turn when they spend the night in a temple, where it becomes clear one of the travellers has something to hide. As danger closes in and a dark secret is exposed, the heroes are left fighting for their lives under the scorching desert sun. (Radio Times)

Pandora's Box

Episode #: 109
U.K. Air Date: 30.11.13

Medusa is kidnapped by cruel moneylender Kyros, who will only return her alive if Hercules agrees to retrieve a precious artifact from the Underworld -- a task that means certain death. Can the trio descend to Hades and grab the relic without being made to walk among the dead for ever? (Radio Times)

The Price of Hope

Episode #: 110
U.K. Air Date: 07.12.13

After the tragic events surrounding Medusa's disappearance, the boys pay a visit to the inventor Daedalus, whose genius offers hope of a cure. But, unwilling to wait for answers, Hercules acts on information from the unscrupulous Crios and sets off in search of his lost love. His decision soon sees the boys literally running for their lives as they become the prey in a brutal manhunt. With hopes of an escape fading fast, their courage is tested to its limit, until a lifeline comes from an unexpected source. (BBC)

Hunger Pangs

Episode #: 111
U.K. Air Date: 14.12.13

Penniless Jason is desperate for something to eat, so he cannot believe his luck when he stumbles across an abandoned feast and helps himself. However, it soon becomes clear his gluttony has come at a price when he begins to demonstrate some seriously strange behaviour, and as his symptoms spiral out of control, it falls to Hercules and Pythagoras to save their friend before the palace guards get hold of him. (Radio Times)

Touched By The Gods, Part 1

Episode #: 112
Air Date: 21.12.13

Jason is reminded of the pact he made with the witch Circe and knows he has no choice but to carry out her wishes, otherwise he and his friends will meet a gruesome end. But how can he kill the Queen? Infiltrating the palace will be difficult enough, even under cover of night, and he soon realises he needs the help of someone on the inside. (RadioTimes)

Touched By The Gods, Part 2

Episode #: 113
Air Date: 28.12.13

Minos' health continues to fade as Pasiphae's scheming reaches its zenith. She sentences Ariadne to a gruesome execution not even the worst of enemies would deserve. Now that the court's loyalty is with the queen, Jason is Ariadne's last hope. He will need all the help he can get if he and his friends are to save her life. Fortunately, there are a few in Atlantis who remain loyal to the king ... (BBC)