Season One Episode Guide

Night One

Episode #: 101-102
Air Date: 12.15.14
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In the middle of a century-long voyage into space, the colonists on board a ship launched from Earth in the 1960s are shocked by the murder of a young woman. Back on Earth, a CIA agent is confronted by a grad student who believes the covert Ascension project was actually launched decades ago.

Night Two

Episode #: 103-104
Air Date: 12.16.14
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The inquiry into Lorelei's murder is complicated by the arrival of an external investigator, and an explosion on board the ship. Viondra suspects that Councilman Rose has become privy to inside information, and Presley joins the stewardess program. Meanwhile, young Christa Valis becomes a target when her dreams begin to come true.

Night Three

Episode #: 105-106
Air Date: 12.17.14
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The announcement of those couples eligible for birthing rights complicates relationships inside Ascension, where Duke learns of his wife's infidelity. On the outside Stokes is in for a shock after escaping confinement, and Harris loses his oversight position. Disturbing visions of Lorelei lead Christa to a new discovery of her powers, and a massive power disruption cripples the ship.