In Development


Altered Carbon
2018 (Netflix)
10 episodes

Black Lightning
Early 2018 (The CW)

Carnival Row
2019 (Amazon)
8 episodes

Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger
2018 (Freeform)

In Development
(Xbox & Showtime)

His Dark Materials
In Development
(BBC One)

2018 (Syfy)

Lost In Space
2018 (Netflix)
10 episodes

Marvel’s New Warriors
2018 (Freeform)

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams
10 episodes (Amazon)
November (Space)
2017 (Channel 4)

The Punisher
November (Netflix)

Raising Dion
10 episodes (Netflix)

2018 (Warner Bros. Digital)

Artificial Intelligence
Pilot (TNT)

Pilot (ABC Studios)

Pilot (Freeform)

Pilot (Syfy)

Pilot (Amazon)

Pilot (TNT)

Pilot (HBO)

Blake’s 7
In Development (Xbox Live)

Brave New World
In Development (Syfy)

In Development (Amazon)

In Development (FOX)

The Fifth Season
In Development (TNT)

Galaxy Quest
In Development (Amazon)

In Development (HBO)

In Development (Syfy)
“Event Series”

In Development (Starz)

The Lord of the Rings
In Development (Netflix)

In Development (Netflix)

Luna: New Moon
In Development (CBS)

Merc City
In Development (TBD)

Metal Hurlant: Origins
Script (TBD)
Atlantique Productions & WE Productions

Mirror’s Edge
In Development (Endemol Shine Studios)

Project 13
In Development (The CW)

In Development (FOX)

Queen of Shadows
In Development (Hulu)

Red Mars
In Development (Spike)

In Development (Netflix)

Robot Overlords
In Development (TBD)

Snow Crash
In Development (Netflix)

Stranger in a Strange Land
In Development (Syfy)

These Broken Stars
In Development (Freeform)

True Skin
In Development (Amazon)

In Development (NBC)

Untitled Ridley Scott Series
In Development (AMC)

Untitled Star Wars Live-Action Series
In Development (Disney Streaming)

Untitled Terminator Series
In Development (TBD)

War of the Worlds
In Development (MTV, ITV)

In Development (The CW)

Wheel of Time
In Development (Sony Television)

About the Classifications:

In Development – An idea is in the early stages of development, which may include writing scripts, developing the look and feel of the world, figuring out where to shoot and how much the show would cost, or in rare cases even a preliminary casting search. Many of these series never make it to camera, as networks develop more series than they can air (and then choose the best).

Script – The network has ordered a script (or scripts), but not yet commissioned a pilot to be filmed. Some deals include “script-to-series” commitments, where if they like the script enough the network will skip the pilot stage and order several episodes to be produced.

Pilot – The network has put up the money to have a pilot episode filmed, including full casting, set-building, and more. Sometimes they will also ask to see additional scripts in order to make an informed decision. Many shot pilots do not make it to series.

[Date] – Shows marked above with a date (or season) have been picked up to series and will air on the network. (The week of their premiere, they will be relocated to SciFi Stream’s “Now Airing” section.)

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  1. Pam
    Pam November 30, 2015 at 11:52 am |

    Dominion is a creative and intriguing show featuring warring angels. Would love to be able to see it on Netflix.

  2. emiro
    emiro July 30, 2016 at 5:19 pm |

    Are Timeless and Van Helsing covered from this site? (BTW Time is now Timeless).

  3. emiro
    emiro March 18, 2017 at 6:04 am |

    Are Time After Time and The Magicians covered from this site?