Season One Episode Guide

Star Wars Resistance (101) - The Recruit, Part 1

The Recruit, Part 1

Air Date: 10.07.18
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Young pilot Kazuda Xiono is recruited by Poe Dameron to travel to an aircraft refueling platform on an outer rim planet to spy for the Resistance. But Kaz quickly finds himself in over his head when he inadvertently gains a reputation as a great pilot.
Star Wars Resistance (102) - The Recruit, Part 2

The Recruit, Part 2

Episode #: 102
Air Date: 10.07.18
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Kaz turns to Neeku Vozo for help when he finds himself committed to a race in the skies above the Colossus platform. But Yeager warns him that he should be focused on his mission to identify a First Order spy.
Star Wars: Resistance (103) - "The Triple Dark"

The Triple Dark

Episode #: 103
Air Date: 10.14.18
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Frustrated with his mechanic cover taking away from his mission as a spy, Kaz uncovers a plot by a group of pirates who are about to attack the platform.
Star Wars: Resistance (104) - "Fuel for the Fire"

Fuel for the Fire

Episode #: 104
Air Date: 10.21.18
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An ambitious racer named Rucklin befriends Kaz with the possibility of a life outside the shop, only to manipulate him into helping him steal something from Yeager's office.
Star Wars: Resistance (105) - "The High Tower"

The High Tower

Episode #: 105
Air Date: 10.28.18
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When Kaz meets one of the platform's legendary Ace pilots, Hype Fazon, he ends up with a way into the tower where the elites mingle -- and where the First Order has arrived on secret business.
Star Wars: Resistance (106) - "The Children from Tehar"

The Children from Tehar

Episode #: 106
Air Date: 11.04.18
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Kaz hopes to score a sizeable bounty but catching a pair of runaway children, only to discover that they are fleeing from the First Order.
Star Wars: Resistance (107) - Signal from Sector Six

Signal from Sector Six

Episode #: 107
Air Date: 11.11.18
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Poe Dameron returns to take Kaz on an off-planet training exercise -- but the two quickly find themselves investigating a freighter with a strange lifeform aboard.
Star Wars: Resistance (108) - Synara's Score

Synara's Score

Episode #: 108
Air Date: 11.18.18
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The team works to make vital repairs to the Colossus' defense systems, unaware that the woman Kaz just rescued is secretly working to aid the pirates who are planning to attack the platform.
Star Wars: Resistance (109) - The Platform Classic

The Platform Classic

Episode #: 109
Air Date: 11.25.18
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Yeager's estranged brother Marcus shows up on the platform, offering a challenge to race him in the upcoming Platform Classic -- and in debt to a criminal organization.
Star Wars: Resistance (110) - Secrets and Holograms

Secrets and Holograms

Episode #: 110
Air Date: 12.02.18
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A stir-crazy Torra sneaks out during a visit from the First Order, offering Kaz an opportunity to gain access to the tower -- while Captain Doza negotiates with the enemy.
Star Wars: Resistance (111) - Station Theta Black

Station Theta Black

Episode #: 111
Air Date: 12.09.18
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Kaz and Poe set out on a reconnaissance mission into the Unknown Regions, where they stumble upon a First Order station that appears to be abandoned.
Star Wars: Resistance (112) - Bibo


Episode #: 112
Air Date: 01.13.19
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Neeku adopts a smelly sea creature that reminds him of a childhood pet, and which brings chaos to the platform.
Star Wars: Resistance (113) - Dangerous Business

Dangerous Business

Episode #: 113
Air Date: 01.20.19
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Kaz agrees to mind Flix and Orka's shop for a day, but finds himself targeted by a shady customer in league with the First Order.
Star Wars: Resistance (114) - The Doza Dilemma

The Doza Dilemma

Episode #: 114
Air Date: 01.27.19
Our Rating:

Synara struggles with the pirates' order to betray her new friends, unaware of the First Order's true intentions for Torra.
Star Wars: Resistance (114) - The Doza Dilemma

The First Order Occupation

Episode #: 115
Air Date: 02.03.19
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Life on the Colossus is disrupted by the arrival of First Order security forces. When Kaz learns that the Stormtroopers are hunting for a spy, he scrambles to help Synara try to escape.
Star Wars: Resistance (116) - The New Trooper

The New Trooper

Episode #: 116
Air Date: 02.10.19
Our Rating:

After Kel and Eila knock out a Stormtrooper, Kaz dons the trooper's armor and joins the First Order patrols to help cover their tracks.
Star Wars: Resistance (117) - The Core Problem

The Core Problem

Episode #: 117
Air Date: 02.17.19
Our Rating:

Poe and Kaz venture into the Unknown Regions in an attempt to discover the First Order's real agenda, and find themselves in a firefight on a seemingly abandoned moon.
Star Wars: Resistance (118) - The Disappeared

The Disappeared

Episode #: 118
Air Date: 02.24.19
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After the First Order cancels the races and grounds the Aces, Hype Fazon disappears -- leading Kaz and Torra to suspect that their friends are being targeted by the occupying forces for stepping out of line.
Star Wars: Resistance (119) - Descent


Episode #: 119
Air Date: 03.03.19
Our Rating:

Yeager and his crew find themselves on the run from the First Order, who are hunting for Resistance spies. With Tam captured by Commander Pyre, a First Order interrogator arrives on the station.
Star Wars: Resistance (120) - No Escape, Part 1

No Escape, Part 1

Episode #: 120
Air Date: 03.10.19
Our Rating:

After Commander Pyre seizes the Colossus and arrests Captain Doza it's up to Kaz, Neeku, and Torra to hatch a plan to save their sunken home.
Star Wars: Resistance (121) - No Escape, Part 2

No Escape, Part 2

Episode #: 121
Air Date: 03.17.19
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A catastrophic attack by the First Order leaves Kaz reeling, and the residents of the Colossus must band together in the face of the full might of the enemy.