Season One Episode Guide

For Tonight We Might Die

Episode #: 101
U.K. Air Date: 22.10.16
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Hiding out as humans in Coal Hill Academy, the survivors of an alien attack on another world realize that their great enemy -- lead by the Shadow King -- has found them on Earth and is threatening the students there.

The Coach With the Dragon Tattoo

Episode #: 102
U.K. Air Date: 22.10.16
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Ram struggles to come to terms with his new reality and how it's affecting his game, unaware that his hard-nosed football coach is concealing a monster that is feeding on vulnerable victims inside Coal Hill.


Episode #: 103
U.K. Air Date: 29.10.16
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An alien organism reaches through the dimensional crack and into London, visiting people in the night and tempting them with the promise of being reunited with their loved ones -- including Tanya's late father.

Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart

Episode #: 104
U.K. Air Date: 05.11.16
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April feels the increasingly strong effects of sharing her heart with the Shadow King, putting those around her in danger from the new power she wields. But in the Shadow realm, the King is struggling as well.

Brave-ish Heart

Episode #: 105
U.K. Air Date: 12.11.16
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A determined April travels to the Shadow realm to take on the King directly and take back her life, with Ram along for support -- while back home their friends and family are overtaken by an invasion of carnivorous plants. Meanwhile, Quill receives an intriguing offer from the Governors.


Episode #: 106
U.K. Air Date: 19.11.16
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After the group is given detention a meteorite impact traps them all in a prison outside of space and time, where they are forced to confess their secret truths -- threatening to tear their relationships apart.

The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did

Episode #: 107
U.K. Air Date: 26.11.16
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With help from the new head teacher Ms. Ames and an alien prisoner Miss Quill embarks on a quest to remove the Arn from her head, traveling from one bizarre world to the next in the hope of reclaim her freedom.

The Lost

Episode #: 108
U.K. Air Date: 03.12.16
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The fractured group is forced back together for a final showdown when the Shadow King returns with a vengeance, which may force Charlie to use his genocidal weapon. As Quill comes to terms with her new reality, Head Teacher Ames conceals the secret of the Governors' long-term plan.