Bionic Woman Season One

101 * * *
WRITTEN BY:  Laeta Kalogridis and Jason Smilovic
DIRECTED BY:  Michael Dinner
U.S. AIRDATE:  09.26.07

After a devastating car accident nearly kills her, Jaime Sommers awakens to discover that she has been given cybernetic implants that give her super-human strength, speed, and perception abilities. But the people who did this to her require much of her in return.

102 * 1/2
WRITTEN BY:  Jason Smilovic
DIRECTED BY:  Tim Matheson
U.S. AIRDATE:  10.03.07

Jaime's training begins when she decides to join the Berkut Group, and accompanies Ruth for her first field mission: investigating a rural town after its entire population is mysteriously killed.

103 * * 1/2
WRITTEN BY:  David Eick
DIRECTED BY:  Steve Boyum
U.S. AIRDATE:  10.10.07

Sarah Corvus pays Jaime a visit and asks for her trust -- and her help to save her life. Meanwhile, Jaime is assigned to babysit the daughter of one of the Berkut Group's largest financial contributors.

104 * *
WRITTEN BY:  Robert Rovner & Jon Cowan
DIRECTED BY:  Paul Shapiro
U.S. AIRDATE:  10.17.07

Jaime goes after a CIA employee who has been kidnapped by terrorists in South America, and learns a disturbing secret about herself. Sarah Corvus is captured by the Berkut Group.

105 * * 1/2
WRITTEN BY:  Elizabeth Heldens
DIRECTED BY:  Jonas Pate
U.S. AIRDATE:  10.24.07

Jaime must go back to college and impersonate a student in order to determine if a professor is selling neural implant technology to terrorists. But things are complicated when she falls for the teacher's assistant, who is himself a suspect.

106 * *
WRITTEN BY:  Bridget Carpenter
DIRECTED BY:  David Boyd
U.S. AIRDATE:  11.07.07

Jaime must team up with a C.I.A. officer -- Tom, her new romantic interest -- to recover a list of undercover Berkut and C.I.A. operatives that has been stolen and is now for sale.

107 * *
WRITTEN BY:  Kerry Ehrin
DIRECTED BY:  Alex Chapple
U.S. AIRDATE:  11.14.07

Jaime and Antonio must thwart an assassination plot against a foreign dignitary visiting the United States. But Jaime grows suspicious of her partner's behavior.

108 * *
WRITTEN BY:  Jason Smilovic
DIRECTED BY:  Gwyneth Horder-Payton
U.S. AIRDATE:  11.28.07

Jaime and Becca get away from it all with a much-needed spa vacation, but their time is interrupted by another mission from Jonas.

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