Sci-Fi This Week: Game of Thrones and 12 Monkeys Return

The wait is almost over: Winter is coming, and the much-anticipated sixth season of Game of Thrones debuts this Sunday night on HBO.

Jon Snow is dead (… or is he?), Cersei Lannister is on the verge of declaring war again the High Sparrow and the religious zealots in King’s Landing, and in the east Daenerys Targaryen has been separated from her fragile kingdom and taken by the Dothraki. All the while, a massive army of White Walkers is moving south toward the Wall and the last defense of Westeros.

It’s going to be an epic year.

That’s not the week’s only big premiere. Over on Syfy Channel, the time-shattering drama 12 Monkeys is back with its second season as Cole continues to try and thwart the creation of a virus that will decimate the human population in the future.

Also this week: Supergirl wraps up her first season with a final confrontation with the Kryptonian Non, and The Flash is back and looking for a way to open a breach and confront Zoom. The Secret Warriors assemble for their first real mission as a team on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Orphan Black‘s new season continues as Sarah uncovers another piece of Neolution’s agenda: implanting their tech in human subjects.

Here’s your complete schedule for this week in science fiction and fantasy television:

Supergirl (120) - Better AngelsSUPERGIRL
“Better Angels.” Supergirl is forced to do battle with an unexpected foe and must risk everything — including her life — to prevent Non and Indigo from destroying every person on the planet.
12 Monkeys (201) - Year of the Monkey12 MONKEYS
“Year of the Monkey.” Cole and Ramse repair their broken friendship while on the run; Railly and Jones navigate an uncertain future in 2043.
The Flash (218) - Versus ZoomTHE FLASH
The CW, 8/7c
“Versus Zoom.” Equipped with the tachyon device, Barry believes he is fast enough to stop Zoom and wants to open the breaches to catch him. Harry strongly advises against that plan but after Barry convinces him, Harry reveals that Cisco has the power to re-open the breach. Meanwhile, Hunter Zoloman’s painful story on Earth-2 is revealed.
Agents of SHIELD (317) - The TeamAGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.
ABC, 9/8c
“The Team.” Agent Daisy Johnson must call upon the Secret Warriors for an inaugural mission that will leave no member unscathed, and S.H.I.E.L.D. learns more about Hive’s powers, forcing them to question everyone they trust.
Legends of Tomorrow (112) - Last RefugeLEGENDS OF TOMORROW
The CW, 8/7c
“Last Refuge.” The team is targeted by The Pilgrim, a deadly assassin who wants to erase the Legends from the timeline by killing their younger, non-superhero selves. As a protective countermeasure, Rip decides Sara, Snart, Rory, Professor Stein and Jax need to kidnap their past selves first before The Pilgrim gets to them. Rip tells them he has a refuge for their precious cargo — an orphanage that raises future Time Masters and where he himself grew up.
The 100 (312) - DemonsTHE 100
The CW, 9/8c
“Demons.” Jaha returns to Polis, and Murphy has a surprise encounter. Meanwhile, Octavia uncovers a clue.
Orphan Black (Season 4)ORPHAN BLACK
BBC America, 10/9c
“Transgressive Border Crossing.” Sarah follows breadcrumbs and uncovers the next facet of Neolution’s agenda — implanting dangerous technological devices in humans. As Cosima struggles with Delphine’s disappearance, Alison and Donnie host a pregnant and ever-hungry Helena. Meanwhile Felix, feeling like an outsider, embarks on his own journey of self-discovery.
Grimm (518) - Good to the BoneGRIMM
NBC, 9/8c
“Good to the Bone.” When a man is found dead with all of the bones in his body seemingly liquefied and removed, Nick and Hank find themselves in the middle of a gruesome family arrangement. Meanwhile, Wu deals with a crisis of his own and Hank reunites with his old flame, Zuri.
Once Upon A Time (519) - SistersONCE UPON A TIME
ABC, 8/7c
“Sisters.” Now that Hades and Zelena are reunited, Hades tells Zelena that he wants a future with her outside of the Underworld. All she needs to do is heal his heart with True Love’s Kiss so they can leave the Underworld and trap the heroes there for eternity. When Regina overhears of this plan, she enlists Cora’s help to find a way to separate Zelena from Hades. Meanwhile, David finally meets James, only to realize that his twin is determined to seek revenge on him for stealing the life he could have had.
Fear the Walking Dead (Season 2)FEAR THE WALKING DEAD
AMC, 9/8c
“Ouroboros.” Madison confronts Strand about his mysterious destination. Meanwhile, Nick, Alicia and others inspect wreckage from a plane crash.
Game of Thrones (601) - The Red WomanGAME OF THRONES
“The Red Woman.” Jon Snow is dead. Daenerys meets a strong man. Cersei sees her daughter again.

What are YOUR top picks for this week?