Season One Episode Guide

Star Wars Resistance (101) - The Recruit, Part 1

The Recruit, Part 1

Air Date: 10.07.18
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Young pilot Kazuda Xiono is recruited by Poe Dameron to travel to an aircraft refueling platform on an outer rim planet to spy for the Resistance. But Kaz quickly finds himself in over his head when he inadvertently gains a reputation as a great pilot.
Star Wars Resistance (102) - The Recruit, Part 2

The Recruit, Part 2

Episode #: 102
Air Date: 10.07.18
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Kaz turns to Neeku Vozo for help when he finds himself committed to a race in the skies above the Colossus platform. But Yeager warns him that he should be focused on his mission to identify a First Order spy.
Star Wars: Resistance (103) - "The Triple Dark"

The Triple Dark

Episode #: 103
Air Date: 10.14.18
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Frustrated with his mechanic cover taking away from his mission as a spy, Kaz uncovers a plot by a group of pirates who are about to attack the platform.
Star Wars: Resistance (104) - "Fuel for the Fire"

Fuel for the Fire

Episode #: 104
Air Date: 10.21.18
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An ambitious racer named Rucklin befriends Kaz with the possibility of a life outside the shop, only to manipulate him into helping him steal something from Yeager's office.
Star Wars: Resistance (105) - "The High Tower"

The High Tower

Episode #: 105
Air Date: 10.28.18
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When Kaz meets one of the platform's legendary Ace pilots, Hype Fazon, he ends up with a way into the tower where the elites mingle -- and where the First Order has arrived on secret business.
Star Wars: Resistance (106) - "The Children from Tehar"

The Children from Tehar

Episode #: 106
Air Date: 11.04.18

Kaz searches for two missing children for a sizeable reward only to discover the First Order is also hunting for them. (Disney)
Star Wars: Resistance (107) - Signal from Sector Six

Signal from Sector Six

Episode #: 107
Air Date: 11.11.18

When out on a routine training exercise, a distress signal sends Kaz and Poe to a damaged ship with strange lifeforms onboard. (Disney)
Star Wars: Resistance (108) - Synara's Score

Synara's Score

Episode #: 108
Air Date: 11.18.18

On a mission to repair a vital platform defense, Kaz befriends the mysterious Synara and comes under attack by pirates. (Disney)
Star Wars: Resistance (109) - The Platform Classic

The Platform Classic

Episode #: 109
Air Date: 11.25.18

An upcoming race reunites Yeager with his estranged brother, Marcus, who needs to win to pay off his debt to a criminal organization. (Disney)
Star Wars: Resistance (110) - Secrets and Holograms

Secrets and Holograms

Episode #: 110
Air Date: 12.02.18

When a determined Kaz tries to discover the truth about Captain Doza, he and Torra embark on an adventure where they uncover more about the tower than either bargained for. (Disney)
Star Wars: Resistance (111) - Station Theta Black

Station Theta Black

Episode #: 111
Air Date: 12.09.18

When Poe and Kaz find an old First Order mining facility, BB-8 discovers the facility isn’t so abandoned. (Disney)
Star Wars: Resistance (112) - Bibo


Episode #: 112
Air Date: 01.13.19

Neeku adopts a strange sea creature and gets way more than he bargained for when it brings chaos to the platform. (Disney)

Dangerous Business

Episode #: 113
Air Date: 01.20.19

In exchange for parts, Kaz minds acquisitions for Flix and Orka and comes into conflict with a shady alien customer in league with the First Order. (Disney)

The Doza Dilemma

Episode #: 114
Air Date: 01.27.19

Synara settles into life on the platform, but her pirate compatriots have other plans for her. (Disney)